25 things that gross me out.

Oh, yes, all these things still gross me out!

Lucky Otters Haven


I admit it.  I’m easily grossed out. That’s why I could never work as a nurse.    In this list I’m only including the things that most people don’t think are that disgusting (that’s why you won’t see vomit, poo, or green phlegm here), or things that seem very specific.   I think some of them are pretty weird.

Things That Gross Me Out

  1. The sight of blood pouring out of someone’s mouth.  Seeing blood (even a lot of it) doesn’t necessarily bother me.  But when I see a movie or show where blood is spurting from someone’s mouth and nose I have to look away.  I can’t stand seeing that.
  2. Long fingernails that are not polished. They don’t have to be dirty.  I never understood why women want long nails if they’re not going to polish them. I think it looks nasty. I have no idea why it bothers…

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3 thoughts on “25 things that gross me out.

  1. I had missed this one. Some of them had me laughing so hard I was crying. Not making fun, gross things make me laugh for some reason. Well, not usually in real time but the way you wrote about them struck my funny bone. Not so much the one about the bone sticking out of a gash though. Ech I can almost feel that.

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