I was an honorary furry for a few days last week.

Me trying on one of my son’s fursuit heads during my August 2016 trip.

I completely forgot to mention this in my posts about my Florida trip.   I met a few of my son’s friends in the Tampa area furry community, and they are all awesome people — very chill, extremely friendly, and best of all, very supportive of each other.

I actually attended a furry party my son threw at his apartment.   I was an honorary furry for that night!   No, I did not wear a costume. In fact, no one did.  It was just good clean fun, nothing questionable or too weird going on.  We watched a furry dance competition on livestream on my son’s Mac, played Cards Against Humanity (it’s a hilarious game), and watched a couple of bad (non-furry) films.   (One of my son’s hobbies is throwing “bad movie” get-togethers for his friends — they watch these movies ironically and laugh at them — if you remember Mystery Science Theatre 3000, that’s the general idea here).  After all the silliness, we all headed down to the apartment complex’s pool and hot tub for an evening swim and relaxation.



Two views of the bumper of the car that belongs to one of my son’s friends who was at the party.    She can’t get enough of ferrets and owns four of them.  It’s hard to see it here, but her car is a lovely frosted pink and is awesome.

Speaking of science, tomorrow is Earth Day, and I will be attending my second protest — a March for Science taking place here in my city.    I haven’t made a sign yet (and am not sure I’ll have the time), but I’ll be picking up a tee-shirt I paid for in advance (proceeds go to help the cause).    I’ll be wearing this tee-shirt along with the buttons I purchased at the last protest I attended about the ACA and healthcare.


I’ll definitely post about my experience at the march tomorrow and will take pictures, as I did the last time.

The rest of the weekend I’ll probably be engaged in the tedious task of pulling posts from this blog I may want to use in my book.   That’s my intention anyway;  I can’t say I’ll actually commit to doing it.   Actual writing is so much more fun.


Happy Earth Day 2017!


2 thoughts on “I was an honorary furry for a few days last week.

  1. I just don’t get it. I tried Google to try to find something about it but I’m still at a loss. I saw something about a Furry who wore a swastika and he was accused of being a neo-nazi. That reminded me of some people in the BDSM community being similarly accused because of their (some of them) playing with symbols like that. Relating them to BDSM at least gives me some familiarity because I’m BDSM. Is it a form of fantasy role-playing? Is it a gay thing? Or can heteros get into it too?

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    • It’s not BDSM but there’s a subgroup who are into that. It’s not a gay thing either, although the percentage of gay men within the furry fandom is higher than average. Sure, straight people can get into it. My son’s friend is straight and married. There are many married couples and heterosexual couples.


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