Republicans have selective empathy.

This video from Bill Maher had me rolling.   What he says is so true.


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  2. It might be funny if so much of this crap wasn’t so serious. I’m not a liberal nor a conservative btw. And I’m not a huge fan of Bill Maher. But he makes a lot of good points here.

    I guess the stance Trump takes on vaccines is taboo? Because BM didn’t mention any of that.

    Immigration is a really touchy subject I understand but it’s also not black and white at all. Not sure if you know what’s going on in Canada but from what I’ve been listening to by someone I watch regularly from Canada, it seems that they are being invaded. And I don’t say that in a derogatory sense at all. It’s insidious and not so slow.

    Here’s one video with many great points. Remember this is Canada.

    Here’s another one where she shows an interview of an islamic leader. But watch the whole thing because she points out the problems on both sides. But the stuff this islamic spiritual leader said is scary af tbh. That start at the 5:13 mark.

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    • Canada is being invaded? How come I haven’t heard about this? Are you sure it isn’t fake news via Republicans? I’m not saying it is, but it sounds suspicious. I’m a skeptic. I will have to look into that and will check out your links. I used to be pretty politically apathetic, but since this election, I’ve become very political because so many of these issues (especially healthcare) are going to hit very close to home. It’s hard to know who to trust anymore, isn’t it? Real news is called fake news and fake news is called alternative facts. No wonder sales of “1984” are way up. It’s all doublespeak and gaslighting. I hate it and it’s very triggering.

      BTW, I don’t always care for Bill Maher either. But sometimes he’s spot on.

      Yes, all this drama and chaos right now would be funny if it wasn’t so scary and sad. It’s not a good time to be an American and I wish I could leave.

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      • Yeah, wish I could leave too.
        The word ‘invade’ is mine. It’s what I’ve taken from the woman in the videos I linked you.

        She is the only one I’m listening to on this. I found her originally because she had started her channel talking about her narcissistic mother.

        In time she has evolved her channel to talk about politics and the media and how their actions are equivalent on a grander scale to what we all grew up with in our narc families.

        She says in one of her videos that she is afraid now to go to places she once did. I’m understanding from what I’m hearing in her videos that muslim leaders in Canada are pushing for Sharia law and Canadians are feeling more and more like if they say anything against this they will be labeled racist.

        She explains and says it much more clearly than I do. I recommend her channel because she also talks about fake news/alt facts and finding what’s really going on.

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