Trump supporters are enraged!

I never visited the alt-right website Breitbart News before, but something told me to click it on today and see what they are saying.

Was I in for a shock!  The first article I saw was about how terrible Trump’s healthcare replacement package is.   Almost 9,000 comments and almost every one is ripping Trump and Ryan to shreds.

7 Reasons Why Obamacare 2.0 Is All But Guaranteed to Impose Crushing Costs on Voters, Hurt Trump’s Base, And Hand Power Back to the Democrats

Breitbart May Have Just Killed Trumpcare (New York Magazine)

When you really think about it though, it shouldn’t be that shocking. No one, not even the far right, wants to see Grandma shoved under the bus and her healthcare taken away.     Remember, the Tea Party was never a friend to the corporate elite.  Red state voters and conservatives really believed Trump would deliver on his promises to make healthcare more affordable, and they compose his base of supporters.    So, it looks like they are finally waking up from their denial and realizing this was a massive bait and switch operation and they made a terrible mistake.   When it comes to healthcare, they realize their own lives and those they love could be at stake.

Let’s face it. Neither party has served the interests or needs of the American people for a very long time. Every 4 or 8 years we get one side or the other in charge.   The problem with the Democratic Party is it has tried to serve two masters — the people AND the corporate elite.    That doesn’t work.  It never has and never will.    While Obamacare was an improvement over what we had before that (nothing), it’s not nearly enough.   Some of these former Trump supporters on Breitbart are actually demanding single payer healthcare!   Yes, they actually believed that’s what Trump meant when he promised to cover every American.

Now I understand why the Tea Party types never seemed too opposed to a far left candidate like Bernie Sanders.  What both the alt-right and Sanders supporters have in common is that both are fed up with the current establishment parties as they stand now, both of which only serve the corporate elite.   Although I think Obama’s heart was in the right place, he tried too hard to please both the people and the monied interests (the insurance companies).     The middlemen need to get out of healthcare, and some on the right are beginning to understand this.  The far left always did.

Even in the face of this blowup on Breitbart,  Trump and Ryan are STILL trying to shove their awful plan down our throats. Surely they must know how many middle class and poor conservatives are mad as hell and have turned against them since the rollout.

I think this might be the starting point for change, if the right and the left can both use the healthcare crisis as a starting point for some new conversations and some real solutions.


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  1. It’s clear the republicans are in the pocket of the insurance companies as they have always been. It Trumpcare or any semblance of it is passed I fear for all of us. I am glad it is being referred to as Trumpcare though they don’t want it to be, because when it comes crashing down the people are going to be reminded who pushed it down our throats on Voting day.

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    • It’s amazing to me that in spite of almost everyone hating this replacement, they are still trying to ram it through. It’s nothing but another tax break for the rich disguised as a “health care plan.” They must think we’re pretty stupid.

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        • Many are apathetic and exhausted as well. Many people may be angry too but figure…what can we do? The powers that shouldn’t be will do what they’re gonna do no matter what.

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            • I hope they don’t either. But I’m one of those that doesn’t really know what to do, nor do I have the energy.

              TBH: i have not been great, which is why I have not been around. lol… Trying to do some active healing, using some meditation and digging a bit deeper into my past albeit privately…and slowly.

              Thanks for asking.

              I need to catch up with some blogs here though, so came to read today. How ’bout you, how are you?

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            • I’m doing alright, in spite of obsessing over this presidency. You might have noticed how political this blog has got. Frankly, I’m scared to death. I never took politics this personally before but what’s happening is truly scary. I’m sorry to hear you aren’t doing too well — I look forward to your posts. Don’t give up though — keep on doing waht your’e doing. But do you think digging into your past might have triggered something? Are you doing this on your own or with a therapist?

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            • Unfortunately I’m stuck doing it by myself at the moment. The therapist I found, the one I thought would be helpful, is not.

              She has no clue how to be a therapist to someone who has a history of childhood trauma. And it’s been frustrating. Same old song and dance with the search for ‘the right therapist.’

              She knows how I feel. And fortunately she understands but I feel like it took too long for her to get to that point of understanding.

              She said something about the height of my anxiety but wanted me to see a psychiatrist and throw meds at it. Something I find minimizing. It also indicates that what I’ve told her must’ve gone over her head and she’s got no understanding of the impact of the crap I survived.

              She did however get me some info on a DBT program. I just need to go to the place for the intake. And the place also has other types of therapists as well. However, as you (I’m sure) know that DBT is the only therapy during the duration. At least through my insurance anyway, I would not be able to see another therapist during that time. Which is fine with me since it includes individual therapy as well as group.

              I don’t know if I’d say something from my ‘lone’ work has triggered me. I’m wanting to feel the emotions and still having difficulty through the anger. But I’m getting there. The anger is so calcified and difficult to break through.

              One reason I haven’t been doing well though is food. I have sensitivities and a weakness to junk food.

              I was doing some research and it looks like I may have histamine intolerance…which can manifest as brain fog, deep depression and fatigue. All things I’ve been dealing with for longer than I care to mention.


  2. Ah, Thump-care… Use a bigger mallet, eh? Beat it, er, her/him into submission. Cheapest treatment ever – one thump, and you’re either cured, or dead.

    Oh, wait! Not the person! You’re supposed to thump the *sickness*… (cue Disturbed, “down with the sickness…)

    Thump-thump. (Cue laughing plutocrats as they cart their hoards to unnumbrted accounts in Switzerland…)

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