Indivisible: starting to get involved.


Every day, the Trump  administration’s actions get more outrageous, more boneheaded, and meaner.   They seem to have no shame in how low they will go to destroy an entire nation.  They care nothing about the American people or what they want or need; they have no respect for the Constitution, are contemptuous of basic human or civil rights,  they are without a shred of empathy or kindness, and seem intent on bringing what’s left of our system crashing down and leaving everyone who isn’t part of the 1% (or white) without a voice, without freedom, without healthcare, without education, without clean air or water, but heavily controlled, deceived, and policed instead.  They seem to be fostering ignorance, intolerance, divisiveness, and hatred.   Every day it seems to get worse.  This administration has not done one thing that benefits the vast majority of Americans, and every decision they have made has been stupid, or evil, and usually both.

According to experts, we no longer even qualify as a democracy; in fact, the other day I read an article saying that  we have dropped to 21st in the Democracy Index, between Italy and Japan.  As of 2016, we are categorized now as a “flawed democracy” but I’d say even that’s way too generous.   Since Trump took office, I would say by now we have sunk even lower that that.    The next category down is “hybrid regime” (common in much of Eastern Europe, and some African and South American countries), and then “authoritarian”  (Russia, China, North Korea, much of Africa, and most of the Middle East).  We seem to be emulating Russia, one of the most authoritarian regimes in the world — and we have a president who may well have committed treason by involving Russia in the election.   We are becoming one of the most hated countries in the world, if not the most hated.  Trump’s actions against immigration are not making us safer; they are actually making us far more vulnerable to attack, not only by angering other countries, but by alienating us from our allies (such as Mexico) so they may refuse to step in and help if we need them.

I know lately I’ve been writing a lot about the political situation because it’s everywhere — and has taken over my mind.     The other day, TIME Magazine had an article about a PTSD-like condition that has become epidemic ever since Trump was elected.   Here is another article I found (there are many others):

Psychologists Say Stress Caused By Trump Administration Poses Threat to Public Health

I remember asking my therapist if there was something wrong with me because I was getting so depressed and obsessing so much over the political situation.  In fact, he said that most of his clients are very upset and some are finding it difficult to function.  Our mental health really is is suffering, especially those of us already suffering from PTSD, C-PTSD and other trauma based conditions.

Rather than just writing about it all the time,  I’m finally getting involved.  Besides attending the March for Science on Earth Day (April 22), I’m attending an ACA (Obamacare) Rally here in my city on February 25th.     I’ve become a member of the Indivisible Movement, a movement that is growing as fast or faster than the Tea Party did.   It seems better organized and more focused than Occupy and doesn’t seem like it will fizzle out or be silenced anytime soon, or at all.   Joining the Resistance makes me feel better; it makes me feel like I’m making a difference and my voice is being heard.

I urge everyone who agrees that this administration is evil and cares nothing about anything but stripping away everything good this country once stood for to join the Indivisible movement and attend any rallies or Town Hall Meetings in your area.  It costs nothing to get involved.

Here is their website, where you can download their guide or ask questions.

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    • Well…that would be ideal, but unfortunately I’m afraid they are using the military for their own ends. But maybe there are resistors within the military. This president and all of his cabinet need to be removed ASAP and a new election held, or things are going to get much worse than they already are. The people may need to take matters into our own hands. We have numbers on our side, and people are no longer apathetic about the political situation. Trump’s approval rating is abysmally low, the lowest ever for a new president. He may need to be removed by a coup. There’s going to be bloodshed regardless, and probably civil war. At this point, I don’t think there’s any peaceful way to resolve this. Even the FBI are dragging their feet about any kind of investigation for treason.

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      • That was also, what I meant. I watched a live-stream yesterday from Standing Rock too, where many people are fighting to keep the water clean. There have been many veterans, who are supporting the natives right to live and stay there without any new oil-pipe. Maybe they will support this way too.

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        • That is good news. I heard about the awful Standing Rock situation, and I’m glad some of the veterans are supporting the natives. Trump wants to cut veteran’s benefits too, so I’m sure many of them are not fans of Trump and his goons. I hope we can get at least some of the military on our side, or else we may have to set up a militia of our own at some point, and that’s not something I’d want to see happen.

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      • I was with you until you mentioned a “coup.”
        There does NOT need to be “bloodshed”, or a “civil war.” Been there, done that.
        A massive non-violent series of Civil Disobedience Acts– well timed and thought out— plus “actions,” like “indivisible’s,” will slowly move Trump into the light:

        He’s going to do himself in. It’s already happening. He cannot plug the leaks in his own inner circle, and at some point, a whistleblower, is going to realize he/she KNOWS what Trump’s taxes and/or hidden dealing Are.
        Once those are known? Trump is on his wayto the golf course, for life!Maybe in jail, maybe not.
        Pence is at least–sane.
        Trump paints the press as “Enemy” because Truth will be his downfall. In the meantime, whether we have PTSD,depression, or another malady?
        We’ve got to hang on, speak up, stand up for those who are singled out. We’ve got to take America back, day by day, action by action, because Trump will crumble like tissue paper, when his secrets are revealed.I WILL NOT BE SILENCED.Nope.

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        • When I get emotional about a subject, I’m sometimes guilty of hyperbole and exaggeration. I agree with you – peaceful resistance is best. I wouldn’t personally want to be involved in a coup or an illegal overthrow. And I surely hope things do not get so desperate that one takes place. If you believe Love conquers all, then peaceful and loving is the way to get through. Love wins in the end. War creates a lot more problems. So I don’t disagree with you. That being said: if things get so desperate (such as we actually become a dictatorship and all our freedoms are removed and people are tortured just for being who they are — such as in Germany in the 1930s) then I would try to flee the country if I could, but I would be on the side of the people who try to overthrow the rulers (at that point you couldn’t call it a government). That doesn’t mean I’d go out there and fight. I’m way too old for that anyway. Thanks for your comments! Sorry if I said anything to offend — I didn’t mean that would be something I’d really do, but this subject does make me get emotional.


  1. welcome to the Indivisible movement. I have found that by working with them my PTSD is becoming a minimal problem for me instead of the heart pounding sweat and flight inducing miasma it normally is when triggered. I think it is by taking a small control of our situation that allows me to function, and hope the same result for you.

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  2. It worries me how much people are getting affected mentally by Trump’s presidency. He really isn’t any good for the majority. I just keep wondering if I’m going to wake up one morning in the midst of a Third World War or revolution.

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