The Final Trump of the Narcopalypse (Richard Grannon)

This is a very good (and very funny) analysis of what is likely to happen under a Trump presidency, and how we got to the point where a Trump presidency is even possible.   It’s long but worth watching the whole thing.  Grannon has a way of calming my nerves.


3 thoughts on “The Final Trump of the Narcopalypse (Richard Grannon)

  1. Hi, I’m from Brazil, I wanted you to have a doubt my on personality disorder nascisista. I read on several sites that narcissist has a false self, and they like if they had killed his true self, but I wanted to know if this is really true. And especially if this true self is never expressed by them, and if the narcissist does not have at least a minimum of notion of what is the true self of them.
    I’m sorry for my english, is not my mother tongue.

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    • Well, all narcissists have a false self, the degree to which the true self is expressed or known to the person depends on how severe the narcissism is. At least that’s how I understand it. I think you are asking if narcissists don’t like their true self– the answer to that would be yes, they generally don’t, because it brings them shame, so they cover it over with a false self. I hope this answers your questions.


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