Stupid things make me laugh.


Sometimes I laugh at really weird things.  These laughter fits take me by surprise, especially when I’m punchy from exhaustion or lack of sleep.

This week at work has been grueling,  since 5 people quit and the rest of us are having to make up the slack.  In fact, I was so exhausted I decided to stay home from work today and just do nothing.   I needed sleep, and slept most of the day.   I feel like this was good for my body and mind, so I don’t feel guilty about playing “hooky.”

Yesterday I was cleaning a house and saw a bathroom scale covered in faux “fur.”   It was a dingier color than the one pictured above, but looked a lot like that one otherwise.


I wasn’t in a good mood yesterday.  I was irritable, snappish and exhausted.  But that furry scale sent me into fits of uncontrollable laughter, so much that I was doubled over and my stomach hurt.   It was so unexpected!  I couldn’t stop, and for about an hour later, even thinking about that bathroom scale got me started all over again.

It was just so unexpected.  I haven’t seen a scale like that since the ’70s and even then I thought they were ridiculous.  This one looked like it actually was from the ’70s, because the “fur” was so faded and knotty looking.


9 thoughts on “Stupid things make me laugh.

  1. I’m totally with you on that one! In fact, I do have a scale at home I just couldn’t leave on the shelf when I saw it at Ikea. It is a clock/scale. I am still wondering what kind of brainstorming lead to combining the 2. I mean, am I supposed to hang it and take it off the wall anytime I need to check my weight? Or leave it on the floor and look down when I wonder if I am late for work? Hmmmm….

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  2. I know exactly how you feel. I laugh at…everything. And maybe even the things I’m not supposed to (dark humor.) XD

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    • You know what’s even worse?Toilet paper caddies made to look like handknit dolls. How dumb can you get. Everyone knows you wipe your ass with that shit, and if it’s hidden under a cute doll, it’s harder to get to!

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