RIP, George Michael.


I just found out George Michael died, at home, at age 53, of an undisclosed illness.

He’s one in a long line of musical icons that 2016 took away from us:  first David Bowie, then Prince, then Leonard Cohen, and now George Michael.

What a sad year this has been for the music world and for these musicians’ fans.

RIP, George.


About luckyotter

This blog is my journal. I just choose to share it with the world instead of keeping everything inside my head. I'm a recovering Borderline and have also struggled with Avoidant Personality Disorder. I also have Complex PTSD due to having been the victim of narcissistic abuse for most of my life. I write mostly about narcissism, because I was the child of a narcissistic mother, and then married to a sociopathic malignant narcissist for 20 years. But there's a silver lining too. In some ways they taught me about myself. This blog is about all that. Not all my articles will be about NPD, BPD or other personality disorders or mental conditions. I pretty much write about whatever's on my mind at the moment. So there's something for everyone here. Blogging about stuff is crack for my soul. It's self therapy, and hopefully my insights and observations may help others too.
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9 Responses to RIP, George Michael.

  1. Oh nooo so sad to hear that, Lauren. I loved his music and its brought so much joy to so many people. Thanks for posting that. I don’t listen much to news and today missed having the radio on.

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  2. mihrank says:

    this is so sad and unexpected…

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  3. Amanda McLay says:

    Unfortunately even though we have already lost so much more of our entertainment world this year than ever before ( think we are 11 over previous year already ) I can’t help feeling, that there are more to come before 2017.
    However, lets just remember how many innocents who have died in all these awful attacks on our very way of life, and all the people from very poor war torn countries who have died or misplaced.

    That is not to say that I haven’t been personally effected by the loss of some of our outstanding personalities who I have grown up with.

    May 2017 be a year of peace and health as we all need a break in all the sadness across the world. And with Farage! Boris & Trump I think that is a wish which will not come true x

    Wishing you all a peaceful year ahead and that you all have a reason to feel joy and promise

    Amanda x

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    • luckyotter says:

      You are right. Just because so many people “in the public eye” have died this year doesn’t mean we should forget about all the non-famous regular folks and the poor and people in repressive political regimes who lost their lives this year too. I think we grieve for our pop and rock stars as a kind of stand-in for our own unexpressed grief over our own losses.

      Peace and harmony to you in 2017 too!


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