The narcissist-elect begins to implode.


Trump is already losing his shit over perceived insults against him on social media.  I knew this would happen if Trump got elected.  The poster boy for NPD is finding out that sometimes it’s prudent to be careful what you ask for because you might get it.

The U.S. presidency is not like running a business.  It’s not like being a reality TV star either.    It’s an incredibly difficult job with enormous responsibilities that requires someone who is knowledgeable in world and domestic affairs and can hold their own in the political sphere and among world leaders.    It requires someone with the ability to be diplomatic even among enemies and critics.  It’s a job that requires nerves of steel and you can’t afford to let personal slights get to you.   In other words, you can’t be oversensitive.

Trump is incredibly oversensitive and too emotionally unstable for a job like the President of the United States.    His NPD keeps tripping him up and he is showing just how oafish he is as he blunders and flails about trying to make sense of something he just can’t handle.

Every president we’ve had in recent years ages quickly while in office.  Four or eight years isn’t that long a time; but Obama, G.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton–all two-term presidents–all looked much older than eight years older by the end of their terms.   The job ages you because it takes so much out of you.

Now we have someone who not only has NPD, but is pathetically unqualified.  Since his election, there’ve been articles describing the way Obama has had to “hold Trump’s hand” and train him for his new job.   I don’t doubt it, and I’m sure Trump hates  every minute of it.

Not surprisingly, Trump has been overreacting to slights and criticisms against him on social media, especially Twitter.   Here’s a screenshot of his latest drama with the New York Times, who  apparently offended him.    Notice the way he keeps taking potshots at the Times, making sure everyone knows they are “failing.”   This is called gaslighting.


Here’s the article about it on Salon.

He had a similar meltdown a few days earlier, when his VP Mike Pence was raked over the coals by the cast of Hamilton. Once again, notice the way Trump not only demands an apology,  but throws in a barb about the way he “hears Hamilton is overrated.”   So much drama already, and he’s been president-elect for what, two weeks?


Watching Trump try to take on the presidency is like watching a petulant child try to do a grown-up’s job and then lose their shit because they can’t get it right and someone points out their mistakes.  You almost have to feel bad for him.   But he wanted this!

Ladies and gentleman, there’s a new reality show:  “Trump Takes On the Presidency.” Watch him implode as he realizes he bit off way more than he could chew, because he just had to have that title and the “glory” that comes with it.    He’s like a little kid dressed up in a plastic king’s crown and sceptor, ordering his “subjects” to do his bidding before he’s called downstairs by mom to empty the trash.  He’s not too much better than a figurehead.

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  1. Hmmm…perhaps a scripted “reality” show …oh well, there will be plenty of documentaries and opinions out there. His public behavior will provide lots of prior knowledge and open up conversations about NPD.


  2. This is a great post. I just read about what the Hamilton ordeal was all about and I totally agree with you. Trump just can’t accept that not everyone agrees with him, which is going to be a huge problem for him as president.

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    • He isn’t even president yet! I can’t even imagine how much drama there is going to be once he’s actually in office. Every president has had to deal with criticism, even to the point of hatred, and he is no exception. But he can’t handle it. I remember an old saying: “if you can’t handle it, don’t dish it out.” Well, he dishes it out like it’s sloppy joes at a picnic.

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  3. I knew this would happen. It’s been happening all during his campaign. The man simply cannot keep a level head when insulted. Now just look at Obama and all the insults he’s had to put up with over the years, and for the most part he’s just taken it. And then contrast him with a guy who’s in a one-sided feud with the NYT.

    You know, as much as I learn about narcissism, I don’t understand these people. They hate criticism, so they try to take on the most high-profile job in the country and possibly the world, where no matter *what* you do *someone* will criticize you? Did Trump really think the entire nation would immediately fall down to worship at his feet because he was president? Did he really think he was that special? (Heck, did he really think?) Is the adulation he’s getting worth the backlash?

    I bet what galls him the most about Obama telling him how the job works is that he’s being told what to do by someone he tried to turn into a scapegoat. Obama could do no right, as far as Trump was concerned, and now he’s discovering that, as a matter of fact, Obama *does* know what he’s doing. But he can’t accept that reality, because Obama has to be wrong, so…

    I think he might actually explode.

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    • Narcissists suffer from delusions, and this is what you are seeing in action with Trump. He’s deluded enough to think he could run an entire country, make it “great” again, and everyone would love and worship him. That’s why NPD is a mental illness. It is frightening that someone so deluded now has this much power.


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