My ditzy blonde moment.


I have them.   I can be a little ditzy sometimes.      Yesterday’s was a doozy.

I had gone shopping and arrived home around 3 PM.  I unloaded the bags from the car and went inside and started putting away the groceries.   I didn’t go back out and spent the rest of the day indoors.

This morning on my way to work I couldn’t find my car keys.   Before panicking, I decided I should go look in the car and see if I left them there.

Well, as it turned out, they were there alright–and the car was running!   I had forgotten to go back outside and turn off the ignition after grocery shopping!  The car sat there in my driveway running for 16 hours.

I was afraid there’d be no gas, but the car was actually running, and there was still 1/2 a tank!   All I could do was feel incredibly stupid and laugh.    It could have been bad–I could have had an empty tank and not been able to start my car, or even worse, the car could have been stolen!


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  1. Wow. I believe you are the most honest person I have ever known. Everybody else would be worried about what the neighbors thought. But not you, you tell the whole world!

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  2. For some years after we got married, my husband and I had only one car. He usually rode his bike to work and left the car at home. One day when he was at work, I needed to go to the grocery store, so I went outside and started the car to let it warm up. I back inside for something or other, and when I went back outside again, the car was no longer running. I tried to restart it, but no luck. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, so I called my husband at work and he came home to check it out. Well, surprise, surprise — I had run out of gas in my own driveway. The thing was, my husband had always kept the gas tank filled and I never even looked at the gas gauge — and by never, I mean never ever.

    And here’s the kicker — I’m not even blonde!

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  3. I have an experience of a slightly different kind. Once, when I was out driving in my Jeep, it being a hilly area, swiped into a thicket as there was a Tractor right on the path. Turned out, the thicket was growing ‘From the side of a deep (nearly a 10 foot drop) stream bed,’ and the Jeep went and sat ‘Pat’ on the blasted bush. The surprising thing was that the bush was strong enough to ‘carry’ the Fully laden Jeep.

    Then, with the help of that self same tractor, plus the one from our mission which was just returning that way, and Iron Rods, We brought the Jeep to Terra Firma.

    Only then did I notice that I was having the Shivers, which lasted two days!

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