The Still Face Experiment (with an observation about Caylee Anthony).

I was reminded of the Still Face video again today and think it’s so important because it shows how vital attachment is to develop a healthy sense of self. Watch how quickly this child in the experiment notices the mother’s lack of mirroring and how hard she tries to make an emotional connection.


Caylee Anthony and Casey Anthony

I was watching some Caylee Anthony videos that were filmed by her mother Casey before she murdered her daughter.   The lack of interaction with Caylee in these videos is very creepy and disturbing.  Casey apparently didn’t physically abuse her daughter (at least not anything that could be readily seen), but was starving her emotionally.  She would sit and film her daughter but not interact with her at all.  You can see Caylee reacting in ways very similar to the baby in the Still Face video experiment,except that Caylee almost never cried, which make you wonder if she had already partly given up.

In this video, you can see how frustrated and confused Caylee is.


Lucky Otters Haven

Here is a dramatic video that shows how powerful the lack of mirroring is on an infant. It’s amazing how quickly the baby in this video notices the mother’s lack of affect and responds negatively to it. This is at the root of attachment disorders in children and most personality disorders, especially Cluster B. Without appropriate mirroring a child can’t develop empathy because it has never been modeled for them.

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10 Responses to The Still Face Experiment (with an observation about Caylee Anthony).

  1. avaswan says:

    It is amazing how the baby is affected, and explains so much!

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  2. JIm says:

    Poor baby. There’s nothing they can do if Mom is indifferent.

    I was reading this article about “co-narcissism”, I find the depth of insight amazing, thought you’d like it. It talks a little about therapy with a narcissist also:

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  3. nowve666 says:

    I saw a strange video which seemed to be a fantasy about a girl who finds herself in a strange place not knowing what is going on. She tries to communicate and nobody answers her. She goes to a kind of reception-type desk and she gets all the standard twaddle you get when you call a corporation and get automated responses. “I apologize for your inconvenience.” “Have a great day,” etc. And I realized something. This kind of faux communication is a lot like the blank face to an infant. I think I’m on to something.

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