Pink Paradise: Lake Hillier, Australia


When I first saw these pictures of Lake Hillier, a saline (salt) lake located in Middle Island, Western Australia, I thought they were Photoshopped, but they are quite real.   I think this lake is fascinating.   It looks like it could be on another planet.





Here is a short article I found that describes how it gets its bright pink color (edited and shortened).

In Australia, precisely in Middle Island, there is a lake that can amaze anyone who visit it. The lake is named Lake Hillier. The unique color of the lake is the primary attraction for tourists that come to visit. The pink color is thought to come from the micro-organism Dunaliella salina and Halobacteria, but some say that the pink color caused by red halophilic bacteria in high concentrations salt.

In Australia, Lake Hillier became a favorite destination for tourists. Pink water in Lake Hillier is safe if exposed to human skin. Travelers who come here can play in the water or even swim freely.  Because the location of Lake Hillier is in the middle of the wilderness and the size is more than 600 meters, Lake Hillier can only be seen fully from the air. Lake Hillier was discovered in 1802 by British explorer Matthew Flinders.  Hillier is not the only one lake that have a pink color in the world. Lake Retba in Senegal also has the same color as Lake Hillier.

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  1. Beautiful. Can you imagine being the first person to discover this lake? It would be like seeing a UFO. You would probably think you were hallucinating or needed to have your eyes checked.

    Speaking of which, several members of my family and I saw a UFO back in the summer of 1967. It was amazing. I was very glad that I wasn’t the only one who saw it, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have believed my own eyes.

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  2. Definitely a place I want to visit. We have a mini lake on the way to the airport that sometimes turns pink due to the above mentioned bacteria. You can spot it from the car driving over the bridge. Looks fantastic…

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