Why don’t we have single-payer healthcare?


Today I am going to rant on my son’s behalf (and everyone else who has to deal with this sort of thing).

My son wrote this letter to Aetna.  I think it speaks for itself.  Those of you in developed countries besides the Untied United States of America don’t have to deal with this kind of BS.  But this is the kind of thing we, who have “the greatest healthcare in the world,” (right, maybe if you’re rich) have to put up with constantly.    From 2009 – 2013, I worked in the health insurance industry processing and adjusting claims, and trust me, it gets a LOT worse than this.  Obama hasn’t made things worse; it’s been this bad for decades.  Of course, things were a little better back in the ’80s and ’90s  when companies actually used to care about their employees and provided decent health coverage at little cost to most full-time employees, regardless of their ranking on the corporate ladder.

NO ONE should have to jump through hoops like this to get mental health or any other kind of healthcare.   This is enough to cause someone to develop a mental disorder!  If we had single-payer healthcare, LIKE EVERY OTHER DEVELOPED NATION,  this probably would not have happened and he would still be able to get psychotherapy in spite of having lost his employment and with a lot less confusion and headaches.  I know single-payer healthcare isn’t perfect and has its own drawbacks, but it sure beats a healthcare system that’s based on profit and exploits those who are physically or mentally ill so a few rich doctors and health insurance executives can buy second or third homes or a new yacht.   Oh, but wait!  We can’t have that because it’s (gasp!) socialism!  The Market is God!

Healthcare shouldn’t be tied up with employment anyway.  If you get sick enough that you can’t work, you will probably lose your job anyway and lose your insurance when you need it most.  Most companies won’t even pay for employee health benefits anymore, or they only give you 39 hours instead of 40, so they don’t have to give you health coverage since anything less than 40 hours is considered “part time.”   Not all states have extended Medicaid to those who don’t earn enough to qualify for Obamacare .

There are free clinics in some urban areas, but trust me, they’re not very good (and some are terrible) and treat you like you’re less than human.  It’s very degrading to have to use one and be treated with condescension by some snotty nurse-practitioner who probably isn’t making enough to feed her own family. I pay for my own counseling out of pocket, even though my earnings are at or below the official poverty level.    I do it because I need to and it’s that important to me, but it leaves little to nothing left for anything else.  I just have to pray I don’t get sick.

Here is the letter he wrote.


Here was the faxed letter he received which is described above.





4 thoughts on “Why don’t we have single-payer healthcare?

  1. I despise America with it’s brainwashed sheeple! How can they be so stupid? A word of warning since you want to move to Florida. I have heard health care there is really bad. I have Kaiser in California which isn’t bad but it has a poor mental health department. You wouldn’t believe the number of hoops you have to jump through to get meds for ADHD. Cheers!

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    • It is bad there, as bad as here. Maybe worse. I don’t know if I want to move there now anyway, at least not any time soon. Most health insurance doesn’t cover mental health, which is stupid. You have ADHD?


  2. When my grandson was born he had a hypospadias, which is a malformation of the penis. His was not bad, basically the urethra was near the base instead of at the tip. But the hospital refused to assign him a gender (bad enough on it’s own as full male genitals were present) and sent him to a children’s hospital. My insurance, which was covering my daughter, refused to pay for the children’s hospital. When questioned, they said that they wouldn’t pay for male tests on a female. They had apparently assigned him the improper gender since the hospital didn’t give one and just went with it, even though the children’s hospital was communicating as well. This took 3 years to resolve. The only thing I didn’t do was send them a photo of his genitals.

    I’m so sorry your son is going through this. Our healthcare system is a complete disgrace.

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    • It is. I’m sorry you had to go through that with your son. Being a new mom is stressful enough without having to deal with all the stupid red tape and arbitrary rules that are constantly changing (most of which make no sense except for doctors afaid of malpractice suits and insurance companies who don’t want to pay claims for an “unusual” procedure.

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