What should I write about today?


Any ideas?  I really don’t have any.   I might not write anything today and get out instead.  I’ve been sitting in the house too much, and there’s always so much to do that isn’t inside your four walls.

But I always feel guilty if I don’t post something.  Maybe I can find a nice meme or photo.   Or write about whatever it is I wind up doing today.

Here are some other things I could be doing (that don’t involve things like laundry, shopping, or cleaning the house).

— Reading.    There are 3 books I’m currently trying to finish.

— Reading other blogs and catching up on commenting.  My track record for this is ABYSMAL and it embarrasses me.

— Drive somewhere nice and walk around

–Take myself to a movie or something else fairly cheap and fun.

— Write up a new post anyway.  Maybe tonight though.

What would you like to see a post about?  Put your ideas in the comments.

12 thoughts on “What should I write about today?

  1. The first thing I thought of, is to post about something light and upbeat that everyone can pitch in on. Don’t get me wrong, your posts on BPD and Narcissism are very good and very valuable etc. but since it’s the weekend, can we talk about something like either people’s pets or their kids, what their church is like, etc

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