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  1. I have developed the ability to love people even if they don’t know/love me because I’ve never received it really at all, I mean I know my brother n Jesus def love me! I had to watch my brother being beaten in his bed as a baby, he’s in heaven!! I finally have Chuck where I always needed him and wanted him to be!! SMILE, and I never let myself cry over my brother, did that enough. I’ve never had anyone to call goodfriend except Jesus! (I would avoid my brother, bc of Pain!) Nobody loves me like me except Him!! I’ve read over 700 near-death experiences of other near-death experiencers’ by the way it’s the secret to waking up in the middle of the night and going right back to sleep, I mean right back to sleep, so comforting! Here is where you ARE going to get it drilled into your head how much you are loved, here is where you lose your fear of death, and learn that He wants you to have it also drilled into your mind how important it is for us to not to be afraid of a dang thang!! and you will get a lesson on how to appreciate this hard world and living in it, give you strength to keep on going so you want to keep at being in this realm! An appreciation for life. I believe every person should read 700+ and reread them, and never stop reading the stories, I haven’t even started buying the books I enjoy reading them on the Internet and so far it’s free. Have you ever wanted to feel like an old WISE soul, this is how you do it. Pls See what I mean- I beg you. It can be kind of deep, and sometimes you want to take a break because it is about death. How are use it to help me get back to sleep is, as soon as I wake up no matter the reason, start reading the storys, when you have lived the role of the scapegoat even the distressing stories can “weirdly” be comforting. Check out “understanding oneness” Hans Wilhelm,(awesome btw) on Y/T B4 u get started on the stories, I’ve had my proof of God since 4 y/o, and even though I’ve had that proof, being the family scapegoat of a malignant narcissist family really did a number on me. I had heard the word narcissist and scapegoat before but until I found the site it was something I was not paying attention to, I can’t get my toolbox shut, it is overflowing, I got 🙂 tools, looking forward to pushing ahead. I can look at anyone, every plant, creature, I consider my family. I used to bust out crying when I was trying to eat in public, now I extract love and energy from the loving family’s, and strangers or even from an abusive passenger in my Taxi. I have so much love that I can put it anywhere and I can get it from anyone whether they know me or not. It’s OK if people don’t like me back, i’ve never known anything different, no matter how much you might tell me you like me I’m going to have it deep down inside that you don’t like me, and that’s OK somehow always liked myself, that is a trait of being in near-death experiencer, and even though at my core I like myself, always have, not my core it’s in me that no one is ever going to like me, this allows me to i’m worry about it and put myself out there if I want to.
    Now wut I’m about to mention.. May not be for everyone but if you ever wanted to put some explanation, to try to make sense of why you’ve had a difficult life, check out “understanding pre-birth soul contract” Hans Wilhelm Y/T. Oh n because of the aspects of the “life review” in NDE’s you’re going to grow a conscience better than you’ve ever had, and it will give you some “Comfort” to see what is to come of those who have wronged you as for them, they will be feeling what you felt, all of it!!

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