The tears of a clown.

It’s old post night, so this one’s getting recycled again too. Ever watch a narc having an emotional meltdown after a narcissistic injury? It’s not a pretty sight.

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Here was one of yesterday’s search terms:
vomiting after seeing ex.narcissist begging me back

Really now? The narc’s begging you back actually made you puke?
But yes, I can definitely understand it though.

Sometimes those over the top emotional displays when you take away a narc’s source of supply by leaving them are pretty nauseating to say the least. I don’t know if it’s “acting” or desperation or what, but I know it’s not “love.”

I remember back in my 20s, witnessing the incredible reaction of a malignant narcissist boyfriend when I finally worked up the courage to tell him I was leaving him.

This was a verbally and sometimes physically abusive man who treated me like dirt most of the time, made fun of me, tried to turn my friends against me, and cheated on me as well. I had waited far too long to disconnect from him. I…

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5 thoughts on “The tears of a clown.

  1. That’s a good point. Do anything to get what they NEED. They are so very needy. I’m thinking that big, ugly crying performance wasn’t so much a performance but rather maybe he felt he was dying or something losing your attention. I agree, not about love but as far as he is concerned it is because he felt so bad, he was losing supply. It’s like they need supply to live. I understand they can’t live alone.

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    • I think you nailed it. It’s not really fake, they feel the hurt, but they can’t empathize with you at all. They feel hurt because you have made them feel like they don’t exist by serving as a suitable mirror giving them their fix of supply. If you insult or ignore one, it’s like they’re being killed. They are so very sensitive, but in the wrong way.


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