Some timely advice.

My father’s memorial service is today. My son is headed there now.  I woke up feeling overwhelmed with worry over what might happen there.     Then I saw this meme.  Trite or not, I  REALLY needed this today.


There’s also the Serenity Prayer used in 12 step programs.  I’m not in a 12 step program, but this little prayer fits all kinds of situations.  I think I’ll be saying this a lot today.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change

The courage to change the things I can

and the wisdom to know the difference.  



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This blog is my journal. I just choose to share it with the world instead of keeping everything inside my head. I'm a recovering Borderline and have also struggled with Avoidant Personality Disorder. I also have Complex PTSD due to having been the victim of narcissistic abuse for most of my life. I write mostly about narcissism, because I was the child of a narcissistic mother, and then married to a sociopathic malignant narcissist for 20 years. But there's a silver lining too. In some ways they taught me about myself. This blog is about all that. Not all my articles will be about NPD, BPD or other personality disorders or mental conditions. I pretty much write about whatever's on my mind at the moment. So there's something for everyone here. Blogging about stuff is crack for my soul. It's self therapy, and hopefully my insights and observations may help others too.
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8 Responses to Some timely advice.

  1. That’s right and keep in your present, your not even there. I understand the situation and know what you mean about worrying but what if nothing goes wrong? Would a phone call from you be appropriate or a bad idea? Keep in your world today, go to work if you are scheduled, make your bed, do the dishes, take a walk whatever but you will be ok. I had a therapist tell me something once that was so helpful and I use it often. He said, “You’re ok at any given moment.”

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  2. This is a side note about the Serenity Prayer. You know how they say to accept the things you cannot change and the wisdom in knowing? It’s like narcs can’t do that. They’re always controlling things. They set off an action for a reaction instead of letting things occur naturally. You know what it’s like? It’s like a 3 year old in their playpen. If they want to control their parent and make them bend down and pick up their toys all they have to do is throw them out of the playpen and onto the floor.

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    • luckyotter says:

      I actually think a 12 step program could work for them. Narcs and alcoholics/addicts have a lot in common, lack of humility being one of them. The 4th and 8th steps force them to be accountable for the harm caused by their actions. Could work for Ns too (not a cure, just like AA can’t cure an alcoholic–but might change behaviors).

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  3. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    My thoughts are with you today.

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  4. Susan says:

    indeed much could go right!


  5. Leslie says:

    I’m thinking of you today. I’m having my very own pile of shit going on and I can’t say a word about it. You need to try to lock onto thing to occupy yourself. I just went and repotted a plant in the garden. I’m fairly certain I’ll be coloring a lot today. Your son will be ok, he will.
    Sending you love and prayers for strength and peace today. ❤

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  6. nikitalondon says:

    Blessing to you Lauren. You can make a spiritual goodbye by yourself and with faith that he is listening

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  7. Thumbup says:

    Yeah I remember that prayer when I was at the hospital at age 19 for alcoholism.


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