The conclusion of the saga of the towel rack!


Last week as a Mindfulness activity, I made a towel rack using an old glass doorknob I had sitting around and half a cigar box, which I spray painted green and stuck pretty objects on.   It looked so cute when it was all put together, but the doorknob was too heavy for the caulking silicone I had used to attach it to the backing mirror (silicone caulk has worked for other projects like my suncatchers), but the minute I turned it upright, the stupid knob fell right off!

So I consulted Google and asked it what the strongest glue known is.   The answer was Epoxy.  So I went to the craft store and picked up some and tried it.   And it worked!  My towel rack now hangs proudly in my bathroom.   I’m a little afraid to hang actual towels from it because they can get mighty heavy, but it works just fine for lighter fabrics, like this cotton shirt.



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