Painting therapy, Part II!

I finally finished my painting projects. Here are two views of my bedroom with its new look!

room_view1 room_view2

I also spray painted a old wooden table on the porch–it was bright green but the paint was chipping off so I had to redo it. There was enough spray paint left in the can for one more project.

I had an old glass doorknob (from this house but I can’t reattach it to the closet door it fell from). I think it’s an original doorknob–the house was built in 1908. I needed something on my bathroom wall, and decided to make a towel rack out of it. I took apart a wooden cigar box, painted it, and turned it into a sort of shadow box, with the doorknob epoxied to a mirror at the center. It’s drying now. I can’t wait to hang it in my bathroom!



Nothing like being a shaky, twitchy, anxious, paranoid, angry BPD/C-PTSD in full trigger mode, to get those creative juices flowing. Doing these things really helped me stay in the present and even almost sane.

24 thoughts on “Painting therapy, Part II!

  1. I like what you’ve done in your bedroom, it’s inviting looking, warm, homey. And the doorknob idea is pretty neat. Too nice a doorknob not to be used in some way. Good deal!

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  2. There were some of those doorknobs where I grew up – until the ‘renovated’ the apartment complex. It’s fun to see it repurposed like that. Btw, the room you painted looks great!

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