Love’s table for abuse survivors

I can’t….I can’t not reblog this. OMG. This is like my life. I know these narcissistic yuppies of which Katie speaks.    The corporate and work world is swarming with them. They swarm wherever there is money and status. They swarm in churches too (though happily, not in my church). They look down on and judge those of us who have less, those of us who they took everything away from.

Where they don’t swarm and where survivors can find refuge:  natural places where you can be quiet with God and surprisingly, places of knowledge and learning, even among those who do not believe in God.    Places where we can explore our creativity and feed our souls and ask questions.  They stay away from those places where we are free to be who God meant for us to be, places where no one judges or looks down on us.  These gifts are worth so much more than some ugly, sterile McMansion in a gated community or tricked-out status foreign car.

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