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  1. Lucky, did you ever hear of some kind of study where they ask people whether they prefer weekends or weekdays? I mean it sounds like a no-brainer but they are talking about the persons mood. If they get depressed on weekends and feel better on weekdays and vice-versa. It’s supposed to mean something. I think borderlines, I know for me, can become more down on weekends because weekend time usually surrounded family, and we don’t really come from good, sound families. I know my mood is more down on weekends. Even if I’m occupied doing something. I think it’s what it represents.

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    • That’s interesting. It makes sense too. Me, I like weekends but I get depressed sometimes on Sunday becuase the next day is Monday. Stupid, huh? You can’t enjoy the time off work because you’re worried about working the NEXT day. It’s why I can’t enjoy fall–because I know it means winter is coming. Staying in the moment is key to enjoying things but sometimes it’s hard.


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