I just saw this ad in my sidebar. It’s a real ad, not a joke.


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  1. The cookies don’t even look tasty. I mean, if I’m going to be eating animal rumps as a sweet, they at least need to look scrumptious. Lol… 😦

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  2. what!? and Pillsbury too im surprised! such a big company! they can do better than that! especially at Easter time!!
    I don’t like nonsense stuff. not funny anymore these days. too many adults have that warped sense of humor these days ..so its just not at all fun for kids…..nah I don’t approve.
    but what I saw yesterday im still wondering if THAT was even real… if it is im just waiting for a meteor to hit the earth and destroy us all:(
    I forgot where I got it from.. I thought yahoo news! but it showed art of how ..they say..muslim migrants can have sex with ..white women.. something along those lines..but it was like they weren’t even human and being introduced to society for the FIRST time and it makes my stomache turn…I just looked it up its Germany and Norway government that released sex ed posters and commercials ,tax funded, for migrants about sex with “how to” positions and such.its so awful. that would NEVER happen here(hope not) people are complaining because in each picture /illustration its a dark/black male and a white/blonde/redhead female.. and with all the recent rapes from migrants/refugees on European citizens/white women.. well its shocking
    I would sue as a woman living there for sure.


  3. that is sexual harassment.. here when i get a job I thankfully sign papers/hire on papers..that state (and watch videos) that a co worker cant even so much as have a poster of a girl in a bikini at work…….I don’t like anything like this!!! did any of you see the OBAMA CARE ADS? health insurance??? they all say nasty things like hey we just met kets have sex thanks to Obama care we can woo hoo (im serious) I thought they were a JOKE but cant find ANY sites saying they weren’t real…..


  4. Brought to us by the same folks who write those (to me) APPALLING Charmin ads with the BEARS who, you know the saying.

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