A few things I bought today.

In a day or two I can cash in on my WordPress earnings over the past three months and I also have a little money left over from my tax return, so I decided to treat myself to a few “unnecessary” things just because I liked them.

I love collecting  rocks and geodes (nature makes the most beautiful things) so I went to the local rock shop and these are the things I bought.


Small salt (halite) lamp and a carmelite geode sitting in front of it.  The geode is a bit translucent.  I don’t know if you can see it in the photo, but the light from the salt lamp is glowing through the reddish geode.


My daughter’s birthday is coming up in April.  This is a handmade necklace made by a local artist of a “tree of life.”  The design actually has personal meaning to my daughter (I won’t go into detail to protect her anonymity).   Hopefully she doesn’t see this post, but even if she does, it’s alright because I think she knows she’s getting this anyway.


Polished agate coasters.  I always wanted to have these.   It was so hard to decide between the different patterns and colors.


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  1. me too ! collect rocks and geodes! manyyyy .I have them in every room/surface… beautiful and healing,always cold to the touch! LOVE your choices. I Love Unakite,many more but in particular….olive green mixed with peachy pinky coral color and unakite means “growing together”

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    • They are such beautiful, decorative, and most of all FASCINATING things that are millions of years old and have an incredible history behind them. I love to touch them as much as I love to look at them. They do have a healing kind of energy. I have another salt lamp , a larger one, in the living room I do something really weird too–sometimes I like to LICK it. I like the salt taste.


      • That is the coolest thing I have heard all day. Maybe our rocks have been talking, you know they do that LOL 😁 I have a a shamefully large collection. I have never bought any but I have sold many. Mostly because I have been told I have to many. I never thought I had enough. If you spend enough time in nature, she rewards you with some awesome rewards, like rocks. Rock on my friend!

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        • I’ve found a few good ones on my own too. There’s a gem mine nearby where you can “pan for gold” and even though hardly anyone finds gold, sometimes you come across some other surprises. I have a ruby (raw, unpolished or faceted) that I keep in a special container with my other small rocks. I used to take my kids there a lot when they were young. Always a lot of fun!

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  2. This just made my day to see a you have fun shopping getting yourself and your daughter special things and I love to see beautiful things especially from nature! You give a lot of yourself to other sufferers and I hope this made you feel special too! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    • It did, and I love sharing these beautiful things with others too. I have a few other posts about other geodes and things from nature I have found or bought.


  3. I’ve always loved show n’ tell. And it’s also really neat to learn a little more about you as a person. Me? I love the coasters you got for yourself. I’m a coaster-girl because I’ve always got a cup of coffee or tea going:)

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  4. Beautiful chooses! I have a lamp as well; I enjoy it very much. I Have it in my bedroom by my bed. For the tree of life necklace, it is beautiful. I also have made many trees of life’s. I also did make several necklaces as well. They were nothing like yours!!

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