Week without therapy.

My therapist had to leave town again because of a death in his family.   He didn’t say what family member and I didn’t ask.   He also left town a few weeks ago because of this same family member, who was probably very ill.  (I don’t know what the cause of death was, illness is my assumption).  I missed my appointment that week too, and was upset about it at the time.   This time, because I knew his relative had died, I tried to show some empathy instead of selfishness.   At least he offered to see me on Monday, instead of making me wait another whole week to see him.   But now I feel guilty about unloading my problems on him, since he’s bereaved and probably grieving.


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  1. S says:

    No, no try not to feel guilty, but, I do know what you mean. Your therapist must feel ready to take care of his/her patients again. Your therpapist DID take time for themselves, maybe that’s all they need. I would start the session out by simply acknowledging their loss and saying your sorry. This way the therapist knows that you know that something sad has happened to them. Keep in mind the therapist may not be their usual 100% that day, but do continue on with your care and getting better. The therapist needs that too, they need their work, to distract themselves from their grief. So I would do both. Sincerely acknowledge their loss but also get on with the good business of getting even better. Ever tell them how helpful your blog here is to other people?

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