BPD: The fulcrum of mental illness.

It’s like a spinning black vortex sucking in the symptoms of every other mental illness and disorder. We’ve got all the bases covered!  We’re batsh*t crazy!  We need help and understanding, not judgment and fear.



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Recovering from BPD and C-PTSD due to narcissistic abuse from childhood. Married to a sociopath for 20 years. Proud INFJ, Enneagram type 4w5. Animal lover, music lover, cat mom, unapologetic geek, fan of the absurd, progressive Catholic, mom to 2, mental illness stigma activist, anti-Trumper. #RESISTANCE
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4 Responses to BPD: The fulcrum of mental illness.

  1. S says:

    What I say on this, is that we, the people here(I’m assuming), are treated and have been for years getting better. Yet weird stuff keeps happening. I say it’s the folks around us(mainly family), who are untreated and go to great lengths, even long distance, to prove that the ‘pt’ is the crazy one and not them. It’s the other way around. There seems to be a need to make their delusions come to life.

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    • katiesdream2004 says:

      S I agree with you absolutely! As I read this I thought, most people in a relationship with a sociopathic narcissistic abuser is going to feel and look mighty crazy. The victim will get blamed for the craziness but is not that actual source of it. This book saved my life about the projection of mental illness no the black sheep of the family http://louiswynne.com/index.php/black-sheep-and-mental-illness/
      Louis Wynne was the director of a mental institution for 30 years. In that time he became convinced that patients weren’t crazy, they were scapegoats and the scapegoating family was highly invested in them being crazy. Munchausen’s by proxy is very active in some of the gaslighting stuff.

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      • S says:

        Thank you katiesdream, thank you. Kinda scary knowing that it’s actually the opposite. People don’t seem to be ready to know that just yet. I will check out the book. I know I’ve had some N family and bf’s who honestly kept trying to provoke me and act out their anger for them. I’m glad you know about Munchausens by Proxy. I recently learned about something called Control by Proxy. I think we as ‘identified patients’ will go further in our claim if we use the phrase Munchausens by Proxy instead of the word poisoning. It’s the same thing really but poisoning sounds delusional.

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      • luckyotter says:

        I forget who said this, but “insanity is the only sane reaction to an insane situation.”

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