Introducing my guest bloggers!


Following are the blogs of those who have kindly volunteered to write guest posts for this blog.   They are listed in the order in which they volunteered.   Please visit their blogs!

Topic: Depression and ADD

Topic: C-PTSD

Topic: Unspecified

Topic: Mental illness stigma

Topic: Bipolar, ADHD, anxiety and C-PTSD

Topic: Depression and C-PTSD; childhood sexual abuse

Topic: Bipolar II (manic phase: hypersexuality)

Topic: Bipolar I (rapid cycling)

Topic: C-PTSD; mental illness stigma
(Note to Linda Lee: don’t you dare end your blog! Still not getting your comments in my notifications though.:( )

Topic: BPD, Bipolar, PTSD

Topic: C-PTSD due to abuse and wartime trauma; mental illness stigma

Topic: Depression, anxiety and alcoholism

Topic: C-PTSD caused by narcissistic abuse

Topic: Mental illness (unspecified); mental illness stigma

Topic: Narcissistic abuse (provisional–this blogger hasn’t decided whether or not to write a post yet but I still want to feature their blog.)

Topic: Unspecified–possibly narcissistic abuse

28 thoughts on “Introducing my guest bloggers!

  1. Do you have a deadline to work towards or just send it soon or what. I am anal, don’t mind me, but I kind of need some idea of a deadline for my mental health and procrastination LOL!

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    • Let’s see…you’re #10…I’m posting one a week so it won’t be for 10 weeks if everyone on the list doesn’t change their mind. So you have a while. The way I’m doing this, is a week before I need it I will contact you in a comment….then have you email me your post. Does that work for you? Let me know.


          • Ok I will have to refocus what I did write so far and do a little more research on how it starts. It is actually similar to Bipolar. I will see what I can work on from that angle instead. I have plenty of time to research and dig deeper into my life. Actually more challenging LOL! Sure no problem.

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            • It is very similar to Bipolar! But I think in BPD, the mood shifts are more rapid cycling, and based on whether or not your abandonment issues are triggered, where in Bipolar it’s more biochemical.

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            • I got the symptoms of BPD and PTSD today and they are co-occurring most of the time which explains why I have them both. Bipolar does fit in there more with BPD because of the mood swings and yes they are very rapid cycling. I usually concentrate more on my bipolar, but I will read some more and fit them with what I remember of my life and try to pinpoint when it might have occurred because I am not sure if it was early on with the bipolar or separate. Luckily I do have time to think so no rush here.

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            • You do have plenty of time. No rushes. I’m sorry you are having symptoms today. I know they suck, I get them too. The worst for me are the dissociative episodes and my infamous “black moods” which I’ve written about.

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            • Just to let you know, I am finished my BPD story. It just flowed after some research as to what was that and what was bipolar since they are so similar. All 3 are actually in some ways. Any way it is just over 800 words and ready when you need it.

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            • You wanna be the first? I can post it tomorrow (I’m planning on doing one every Sunday). I haven’t heard back yet from the first person on the list. If they ‘re still interested I’m sure they won’t object to being second.
              Email it to me at
              Thanks 🙂


  2. YAY I am so glad that you included me! I’m #9 and that’s so fine! 😀

    The only way I could get my comments to show up in other bloggers’ notifications was by logging out of my WordPress account and creating a whole new WordPress blog and gravatar. I am still keeping my old blog up, at least for now. But my new blog is: — a blog about healing from PTSD.

    For my guest post, I plan to write about how my maternal grandfather, who had really seemed to love me when I was a little girl, basically disowned me when I was 14 and put in the mental hospital. My grandfather was the associate warden of Leavenworth Federal Prison at the time and appearances were very important to him and my grandmother. And so the shunning caused by the stigma of my mental illness began…


    • There’s no word limit, but posts should be of a reasonable length. You were #2 on the list, right? I’m actually going to let tessacandoit post first (she has her article ready) so you would be 3rd. I will contact you about a week before it’s due, in about 2 weeks. When you submit it to me in email, you’ll need to put the name of your blog so I don’t get mixed up.
      I’m not having everyone submit them to me at once because I’ll get confused. Other than that, no other rules! Just try to make it personal and engaging.

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  3. #7 sounds great to me. I’ll start the post straight away so I’m not cramming in the next couple months😉. Thanks so much for the opportunity to write a post on your blog. You’re very kind.


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