My son’s dogs.

My son posted these pictures of his doggies on Twitter.

Sammy, the Australian Shepherd.

Max, the longhaired Chihuahua.

2 thoughts on “My son’s dogs.

  1. Aw, cuties! 🙂 You can always make me happy with pictures of dogs. Thanks for sharing!

    Is Sammy one of those camera-shy guys? He looks a little nervous. (I ask because my own dog hates having her picture taken and will run away if she’s not being held.)

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    • I don’t think he is but maybe. I only met Sammy once. When he stayed here last year with my son and partner he seemed very laid back. He’s an older dog and spent a lot of time splayed out on the floor sleeping. He’s a friendy guy. But who knows, he might not like cameras much lol! He has no reason to be camera shy, though, because he’s so gorgeous. Those blue eyes kill me!


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