A Charlie Brown Christmas

Here is my favorite Christmas movie ever. I’ve watched it almost every year since I was a small child. I always felt like I could relate to Charlie Brown–self doubting, a worrywart, a little avoidant–basically an introvert who tries hard to be liked. He’s never mean to anyone but often seems to be the butt of jokes and pranks.

Charlie also sees all the commercialism around him every holiday season (yes, it was bad even in the ’60s, when this was made) and yearns to know the true meaning of Christmas. Linus, always the philosopher and deep thinker, has the answer.

It’s refreshing that the story of Christ’s birth is central to this movie, which is still shown on network television today.
So here’s my Christmas gift to my followers. Enjoy!

The opening seems to have been cut from this movie (I couldn’t find a full version on Youtube), so here is that too. I always loved the jazzy piano music used in the Peanuts specials.

The famous Christmas dance, also not in the video above:

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  1. I love A Charlie Brown Christmas. My wife’s favorite is A Christmas Story (especially when they do the 24hr marathon).

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  2. I haven’t seen The Peanuts Movie yet, but I’m so happy the Peanuts characters are being re-introduced to a new generation of kids. I remember Peanuts was a thing in the late 60s/early 70s and Peanuts toys, books and clothing were everywhere.

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  3. My cynicism tells me they cut the artsy parts (music and dance) to add more commercials! Or, even more sadly cynical, because those subjects have been cut out of most children’s standard education. Last, and more likely, they may have been too boring for today’s kids whose entertainments are much noisier, flashier and busier. Maybe the current popularity of Peanuts is a harbinger of a return to more innocent (though hopefully not Republican) times?
    I finally saw A Christmas Story during one of the marathon showings that started a few years ago. I didn’t enjoy it on first viewing and have not seen it since, though I gave some thought this year to seeing a local production of what I understand is a more musical stage version.

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