Take your office Christmas party and shove it.

Tonight I have to attend the annual office Christmas party, so I think it’s time to throw this rant up here again.

The article, which was written a year ago, states I have Aspergers, which for over a decade I believed I had but I found out I do not. It’s most likely my avoidant PD masquerading as Aspergers.

Lucky Otters Haven

Get out of my face with your absurd fake smiles and stupid Santa hats.

So tomorrow night is the annual office Christmas party. I will not be attending. It’s not like I have some high level job where my presence is expected or necessary anyway. I doubt anyone will even notice my absence or care.

As an Aspie, I have never been able to tolerate the forced upbeat perkiness and all the small talk and chit chat about nothing in particular that abounds at these events. Too much social input coming in from all directions overwhelms my oddly wired brain, causing it to short circuit. I wind up in a state of near panic and to compensate, I become mute to avoid reading a social cue wrong and say something out of context that causes people to look at each other knowingly and roll their eyes at my social ineptness.

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5 thoughts on “Take your office Christmas party and shove it.

  1. My thought was always “Just give me the $ instead of wasting it on a ‘party’ where very few people actually have fun, and most of those have probably had too much to drink, while the rest of us are only here out of a sense of duty and saving face.” I guess they have to do it, though, if it’s already budgeted as a tax write-off.


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