The Godship of Tom Cruise.


I’m in shock. But I think I saw this coming.

How serendipitous I posted my article about Risky Business on the same day THIS little item about Cruise hit the news:

I cannot repost the photos or text here (you’ll know why after you click it on), but if there was ever any doubt Tom Cruise is a grandiose malignant narcissist of the highest order, this removes all doubt. He’s either batshit insane or evil to the core. Shudder.

I wonder if he was always a crazy malignant narc, or if megastardom turned him that way. It seems the Church of Scientology agrees with his assessment of himself.

Here’s another article that goes into more detail about the unveiling.

I wrote about my own experience with Scientology in this article.

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  1. Oh brother. I used to crush on him, but I forget the incident that changed my mind that he was a good person. It was a bad incident and rubbed me the wrong way.

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  2. Here’s another article in which an insider talks about Cruise’s sense of entitlement, grandiosity, and arrogance but at one point he may have been David Miscavage’s victim and protege–a sort of “golden child” to be groomed as a disciple and used. I think Cruise may be a case of someone who was infected by an evil person (Miscavage) and became a narcissist himself.
    I wonder how many of the DSM criteria for NPD Cruise would meet.


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