“Is Donald Trump Just Another Narcissistic Liberal?”

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I rarely post political articles, because I don’t want to alienate anyone based on their political affiliation, but with the election right around the corner…and I thought this article I found on Sam Vaknin’s Facebook page for his book “Malignant Self-Love” is an especially interesting one that’s appropriate to the subject matter of this blog, so I’m going to share it.

My own 2 cents:
I’m not sure that Obama is a narcissist in spite of all the memes and arguments to that effect (though he might be–I think most politicians probably are), but the info here about Trump is right on. I didn’t know he was a liberal.

I don’t think Trump is a malignant narcissist (though I’m not sure), but I wouldn’t want him for president, no matter if he’s left or right, because he’d be a joke and embarrassment. Trump embarrasses himself but he’s too narcissistic to know how ridiculous he is. He would be a disaster to this country because the last thing our country needs right now is a narcissistic president who constantly brags about his achievements.

“Is Donald Trump Just Another Narcissistic Liberal?”
By Richard Larsen, westernjournalism.com

2 thoughts on ““Is Donald Trump Just Another Narcissistic Liberal?”

  1. Mr Trump was here in the UK this week. Up in Scotland for the golf as he often is. His reputation for cringe-making is well-known here. Our establishment doesn’t say too much as he seems to own an awful lot of Scotland. Our press, however, is sneakily derisive about him, as only the English can be. It bears out your own assessment completely.


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