Online narcissism: writers with NPD


This is a very interesting and well written article about how to identify if a blog is written by a narcissist. I’m sure I’ve been guilty of a few of these things myself at times (I think blogging is by nature a bit of a narcissistic activity), but watch out for someone who does these things on a regular basis, or has most or all of the traits listed here:

I also highly recommend reading this article from The Narcissistic Continuum (which I reblogged here), which is probably the best article about online narcissism I ever read–the writer misses NOTHING!

One more thing I’d like to add. I think the best indicator to tell if a blogger is a narcissist is to look at the way they respond to comments. Aggression and combativeness (which could include sarcasm and snarkiness) is a huge red flag, the way I see it. If a blogger can’t accept disagreement or differing opinions without resorting to aggression or personal attacks, you might not want to bother commenting if you disagree with them, unless you want a new one ripped for yourself. Even if you agree with what they wrote, telling them so is just feeding their need for narcissistic supply.