I found this photo fascinating.

The inside of a cabbage. I could study this for hours.

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21 thoughts on “I found this photo fascinating.

  1. Beautiful.

    This picture reminds me of a discussion group I belonged to years ago. We started the year by writing topics we would like to discuss on small pieces of paper and putting them in a box. Then every week a different topic was picked out of the box that we would discuss the following week.

    One evening the topic was “violence.” I arrived at the meeting prepared to talk about what causes violence and what can we do to prevent violence. It was a worthy topic, especially considering that a horrific school shooting had recently made the news.

    The entire evening was hijacked by one woman, who insisted that eating vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts is violent to plants. “Plants are living, too!” she said. “Just because they don’t have mouths and cannot scream doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings!”

    I never went back.

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  2. I keep clicking on your blog looking for the new post you said you planned to write tonight. I’m not trying to pressure you though. Just want you to know I care. Me, along with 1,000+ other people. ❤

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