The Narcautism spectrum!

So. Why not take the idea described in my last article to even more absurd extremes. Yes, it’s the Narcautism Spectrum!

This invaluable tool for study was tweeted to me by a blogger, Don “Dr.” Depresso, who was inspired to send it to me because of the article I posted earlier tonight.

All kidding aside, the chart does make sense, but I’m trying to figure out how “malignant narcissism” is where it is on the chart. I think it refers to the fact that MN’s have a high level of cognitive (“cold”) empathy–they KNOW how you feel, and use it against you. It looks like the “intersection” would be where non-narcissistic neurotypicals (most people) would be. The Schizoid is a complete droid–no empathy (either warm or cold) and no social skills.

Narcissism and autism–they go together, like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong.


Manic Chart: Narcautism Spectrum
Narcautism Spectrum = intersection of narcissism and autism spectra, shown across two dimensions of empathy. Low affective empathy (not caring how people feel) is related to narcissism, while low cognitive empathy (not knowing how people feel) is related to autism. Chart not drawn to scale.

The idea to draw this chart came from reading the article “Do You Think of Narcissism as an Autistic Spectrum Disorder?” in Psychology Today.

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Dr. Depresso


Don Depresso, you rock my world!


9 thoughts on “The Narcautism spectrum!

  1. Excellent analysis! You’re right that I placed malignant narcissism in the (high cognitive empathy)*(low affective empathy) quadrant to indicate the “cold” empathy you describe. That’s probably why I made the colors cooler on that side, too.

    BTW, the Narcautism Spectrum is just one of many manic charts I’ve drawn on the topic. I’ve been updating my blog with new charts (e.g., the Triad of Triads: as often as my hypomanic, manic, and mixed-state episodes will allow.

    I hate explaining the charts when I’m done drawing them; thanks for taking that burden off my shoulders. 🙂

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  2. That stinky article (which said, essentially, autists are Narcs) is just the usual Normie ‘social gamesmanship’ – using autists (of all strpies) as stepping-stones to increased social dominance.

    Empathy is likely to be a myth – Normies don’t have it, going by their emphasis upon hierarchy-based *domination, power and control’ – and autists most likely have something much *cruder* than Normalism operating in the unconscious by way of instinct.

    That ‘crudity’ is what makes Norms see us (collectively) as subhuman and defective.

    I am not sure having instinctual capacities and instinctual knowledge is really all that desirable – not when its chief use is ‘a subtle and complicated game of power’.

    ‘help your friends. Avoid your enemies – as long as they leave you alone – and crush them ***completely**** otherwise’ – so much simpler.

    So much more satisfying.

    Normies! You can ***stuff*** your subtle and complicated game of power. I’m having none of your rubbish!

    (note: ‘subtle…’ is not mine, even if I indentify completely with that posting.

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  3. I agree about the article that was cited. I don’t know why so many “experts” are trying to make them one and the same. Who benefits from that? No one! Unless there’s some sneaky (narcissistic) plot to infect Aspies with the Narc (evil and antisocial) stigma, so the insurance companies can deny claims with an Aspergers dx too. (they rarely pay claims wehre the dx is NPD) Yes, I bet that’s it! Anything to save money and line the pockets of the wealthy “health insurance” f*cks who sit in their ivory towers coming up with these ways to gaslight everyone with Aspergers!

    I do not believe empathy is only a myth.

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  4. Normdom – taken as a whole – does not do ‘rational’ things like taking active steps to maximize its profit margin.

    Normdom does everything of social value in the unconscious, by instinct; matters are to be hidden, achievement must be effortless – in short, the only correct way to achieve anything in Normdom is by the predatory practice of deception and manipulation.

    Because I don’t know the right pr


  5. Because I don’t know the right phrase or word, I call the above behavior ‘working the Con’ (because the effective con artist must *work* so as to make his prey do as he wills, and that over a period of time)

    An obvious corollary to the above is ‘if a goal cannot be achived by deception and manipulation of one’s prey, then such a goal is not socially appropriate – and Normdom wants nothing to do with that type of goal.

    What Normdom ***wants*** is total control of everything – to bend the fabric of reality to its will – to achieve total domination of all existence, all things, and all other beings.

    This is called ‘self-deification’, and the instinct-driven means of becoming *the god* is commonly named ‘magic’ – or, among *serious* magicians, Magick.

    The chief difference between the average Normie and a highly initiated practitioner (e.g. hermeticism, Thelema, Ordo templo Orientalis) Is that the latter know they are doing Magick (consciously) and the former by instinct.

    All magicians seek utter domination; all magicians are viciously amoral (as in ‘the end permits the needs’) – and the means of achieving this end of total predation is ‘the decption and manipulation of other beings’.

    Now the average Normie is amply aware of where he or she is in Magick’s eternal dominance hierarchy, and he or she is never satisfied with the current place. Hence there is ceaseless warfareto maintain and advance one’s rank (and in the process, go from power to power, an)d from initiation to initiation.)

    No, we are not tribal societies for the most part; initiations are usually known by other titles – like graduation (from college), installation, being hired, etc.

    How all of this ties in with NPD / ASPD is that such are (instinctually) seen as superior magical practitioners. In this vise: since social performance is ultimately a functon of *magic*, and magic is about conning spirits/ gods (instinct is polytheistic; there are many *gods*, just like Jung’s multiplicity of *Archetypes* – separated so they can be more easily understood as to function, and more easily gamed) then Narcs and spaths are obvious leaders because they do conning so well!


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