“The Psychopath Next Door”

Here is a very interesting but disturbing documentary featuring Dr. Robert Hare, the forensic psychologist who developed The Psychopathy Checklist (which is used routinely in courts of law and police departments to identify psychopaths.) Here, the focus is on the non-prison population of psychopaths, which includes a high percentage of financially successful people in business.

Psychopaths tend to rise to corporate stardom quickly because the qualities they have (ability to focus on a goal, risk-taking, cunning, ruthlessness, etc.) are valued in business, while the ones they don’t have (empathy, guilt, caring, love, etc.) are not. High-functioning psychopathy was behind the 2008 financial crisis, and it’s said here that many banks were actually using Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist to hire new employees!

The video also discusses psychopaths in relationships, how psychopathic brains differ from normal ones, and the causes of psychopathy.

I’ve often noticed how dead-looking the eyes of some of our CEOs and politicians are. It’s like they have no soul. It’s very scary that these are the people who have the most power right now. They are like reptiles. Snakes in suits.


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  1. Thank you for writing on this. 2008 makes perfect sense to me. It was the year of the glory of the Psychopaths. They flew around in there private planes while they laughed and spit all over us. It must have been a chain reaction. The buzz that got around. A corporation decided to use Dr. Robert Hares 40 point system as a recruitment tool on wall street. They figured the best executives would be snakes in suits; so they only hired top notch employees who tested to have no empathy. It seems brilliant. But it backfired on them. They of course ripped off the corporations. The banks. They ripped of all of us off too. And then they manipulated our political system and us into bailing them out. Didn’t they arrogantly fly in their big private jets, and take lavish vacations on the money we bailed them out with? These arrogant Psychopaths ate us up and spit us out twice, and we didn’t even remove them from the top of our chain. They lobbied against the Violence Against Women Act because they didn’t want protection for foreign mail order brides. Why? Because they like beating up and having power and control over women. They tossed midgets on their yahts for the sport of it. And the lobby against anything that would make life easier for you and I.

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  2. This video is chilling. That part about some banks hiring psychopaths on purpose… whew. That explains a lot.

    Someone I am very close to was in a relationship with a director of an international bank. She was madly in love with him because he is so “different” and so ” brilliant.” They lived together for two years. He made many promises, and she believed them. Then she discovered his secret life….

    This guy gave her money so she could start over somewhere else, but he had her sign a legal document first saying that she would not tell anyone how he treated her. For him, it was all about his image. That, and power and money, are all he cares about.

    One day, a few months after they split up, I called her and asked how she was doing and she burst into tears. She told me her banker ex was sending her abusive text messages, while she was at work, telling her how much better his new girlfriend was than she had been. I got so mad…. I contacted this jerk and told him that *I* hadn’t signed any non-disclosure statement and if he didn’t stop immediately with his evil sociopathic bullying of my loved one, I would post a big article online, public for all the world to see, telling everything I knew about him and his evil ways. I would also go and picket his bank with a big sign painted with his name and the word PSYCHOPATH in big letters. And I really would do that, too. Don’t mess with mama bear. I would have done it already if my loved one hadn’t begged me not to. But if he hurts her again, all bets are off.

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    • Yuck! I had an ex, ex relationship with a guy who worked on wall street. He was a very miserable man. I loved his mother, and his dad was pretty interesting. They had a love/hate relationship. His mother was always buying and selling real estate, and decorating the home. Once she finished renovating everything,… she would put the place up for sale and buy another place. She knew how to throw a great party. She taught me a lot. I use to make cuisine for her parties from bon appetite, and his mother and I bonded very well. She really liked me. She got made at her son one day for talking to me disrespectfully, and she pointed to her husband and then suggested I dump her son…because she said, “like father, like son”. So I listened to her and dumped him.

      Her son was definitely a cerebral Narcissist. He was always moaning and groaning about how he should of attended Princeton University. If only my mother guided me correctly? I’d be on the top of the top with all the other wall street players?

      The truth is that he wasn’t all that bright, like he thought. He had a bachelors degree, and he made pretty good money. But all his friends were superseding him on wall street. And he was pathologically envious of them, because some of those guys were minority men that scratched and clawed their way out of poor neighborhoods. He especially resented that. He felt he was entitled. His mother was a German Catholic, and his father was a German Protestant, and her husbands mother disowned her son, just because she was a Catholic. That caused years and years of conflict within his parents marriage.

      I remember weird stuff. I remember making those beautiful menu items from Bon Appetite. Back then, it wasn’t easy finding the ingredients, but I’d manage to find them somehow. He would become pathologically envious of the cuisine I made. I recall occasions when he’d take the salt shaker or spice and screw up my menu item. I also remember once I was on a no carb kick, and so he decided to make a carbs breakfast. I ate that. Then came the carb spaghetti diner. I said,..just a little bit of spaghetti for me. He got the spaghetti and through it all over my dress and face.
      I also remember the day he went into my room. I had my own dressing room. He tore all the clothes off the rack in the closet and started throwing them everywhere. He told me throw these things in the trash, suggesting I didn’t know how to dress. It was ridiculous, because my fashion was purchased from the latest in Sans 5th Ave. He wasn’t pleased with the job I had. I worked at Saks 5th Ave. at the time. And went we went to an extravagent galla event, I made sure I had the perfect suit taylored from Saks, with the perfect brooch. I always was the best dressed and wearing the most appropriate fashion at the event. He monitored everything I did. Everything I ate. It was ridicolous.

      We also went on a trip to Paris together. I remember we were sitting down at some Parisian cafe’, and he broke out into a rage on the streets, because I humilated him in a cafe’ His face turned bright red as always while he screamed on the top of his lungs.

      In the cafe’ he tried to humilate me. The menu on the wall said, Fruite Del Mar, which means fruits from the sea. He said, in front of the French woman that he wanted fruit, and I explained to him that he was ordering seafood. He went into a rage, and the French girls laughed at him and said, “she’s correct, fruite del mar”, meant fruits of the sea.

      My niece kicked his butt in scrabble, and she was better than he was in math and algebra. He had a huge resentment towards her.

      I remember what the last straw was. We went on a trip to this beautiful home on cape cod. It was right on the waterfront. I had a great time with the wives on this trip. One of the wives offered me a job working for Escada. She said her mom could start me out with a 50k base plus commission, and that I would have a seasonal taylored wardrobe given to me by Escada. He became pathologically envy. He raged, and humiliated me in front of his colleagues. The women pulled me on the side, and said, ” your a classy well spoken lady, please dump this loser.”

      And so by the end of the summer I did. He forbid me to except the job at Escada. The day I left I dusted my guitar off and said goodbye. I think he was shocked.

      I got almost all my things back, but he refused to give me back my Christmas ornaments from my childhood. Why? Just to be a prick I guess.

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        • By the way,..the mother of my ex narc paid me a visit a few years after I dumped her son. She told me he got married to a widow with 2 children. Apparently, she walked off with a great sum of Monet after 9-11.

          My mom told me this too. My mom talked to him on the phone for years after I dumped him. My mom liked him. She kept photos in the house of the two of us together. I told her to take them down, but she woui do it. After I burned through 2 more relationships she finally took the photos done. My brothers use to laugh at the photos. They couldn’t stand the guy. They thought he was an idiot.

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          • Oh yeah, my momster got my abusive first husband in the divorce, too. Sick. If you can’t be in your daughter’s corner after she breaks up with an abuser, you have no business calling yourself a mother, in my opinion. These N’s like to get together and drink coffee and beer and bond over verbally bashing you.

            Mary, you told this story so vividly, I almost felt like I was watching a movie. It was like I was there, living it. Wow.

            The saddest part to me is what you didn’t say. All the reasons why you were with him. The wonderful Prince Carming facade he undoubtedly used to bait and reel you in, and to pull you back again every time he sensed he was losing you. The mask you fell in love with, the awesome fake man you thought he really was. The man you kept trying to get him to be again, if only you could be perfect enough, long enough, to keep on his “good side.”


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            • This man was a Narc boyfriend I had around 18 years ago. I had several Narc boyfriends. I didn’t understand why they acted the way they did. I didn’t know what Narcissism was. I automatically thought most men were like this.

              Think about it? He tried to convince me that he was way more intelligent, and that my career was meaningless. Breaking up with someone this is the best thing you can do, because they are so insecure. They will make sure you have no growth in your life. They are almost always mysogynist because they had a dysfunctional relationship with their mother. You will find that a good man always has a positive and nurturing relationship with their mother. Think about how stupid I was? I turned down a job at Escada were I could had the potential of making 80k a year and moving up in the Escada chain. The women that were educated wanted to friend me. They enjoyed my conversation. And they knew he was a weirdo. His peers disliked him, and they told me so. So many times women give up opportunities because men hold them down. But men who have real confidence will support your ambitions and dreams. They will even help you achieve them.

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            • Oh and when you break up with a boyfriend, your parents need to cut the ties too.

              His mother also should not have paid me a visit like that. That made no sense. You don’t stalk your sons ex girlfriend 3 years ago to announce he just got married. I understand that she was upset that I dumped her son,…but Geeeez…

              I did like her a lot. We agreed politically, and like I said she taught me so much. She was a very sophisticated German lady, and the things I learned from her gave me the strength to pursue my own dreams. I had a few amazing women in my 20s and 30s as role models. My business manager was a huge role model…who is actually dieing from terminal cancer. I also was mentored by a woman in my early 20s who is now the Vice President of Lancome. So I had executive women mentor me. I also had an amazing political grass roots education, and some amazing Pastors that work in social justice mentor me. I had a decent public school education, and now I have you guys on the internet. This is all good….

              It keeps us connected and well educated.

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  3. What I would like to see is for Doctor Hare to do a formal evaluation of “Doctor” Vaknin, hehe. Then it would be settled once and for all that SV is not a real narcissist, but rather a psychopath!

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    • Um…did you see “I, Psychopath”? Dr. Hare did test Vaknin and scored him high in Psychopathy! (others didn’t even find him all that high in narcissism but higher in schizoid and avoidant, lol).
      You’ll get a chuckle out of SV’s reactions, especially to being told he scored low on narcissism lol.
      You really didn’t see “I, Psychopath?” It’s all on Youtube– as 12 parts or whatever it is. Or are you just playing with me here? πŸ˜‰


    • Who did Vaknins evaluation? Apparently, someone did do one, but it wasn’t Hare. The evaluation Vaknin had was on a scale from 1 to 9, giving him 9 points. I believe Hares evaluation gave Bundy a 38, and Eileen W. from Florida a 32.

      So I think Sam will test somewhere in the low 20s?? I’m not sure how it would go, but I can’t imagine Vaknin scoring that high.

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      • It wasn’t Hare? I was sure it was….let me look into that and get back to you and bpdt about that. I know they interviewed Hare in the film but maybe he didn’t test him.

        I am going to look into this later after I come back from the store.
        He scored an 18 in psychopathy from whoever did the test on him.

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            • My ex Narc has been reading here.

              I finally gave up on the war of Goodbyes with him. He friends me on Lindekin, and trys to gaslight me into believing that I wanted him back? I wrote back and said,…excuse me? You contacted me? You initiated contact? I have a boyfriend,..and there is nothing in the conversation that mentions anything about wanting you.

              Then he tells me that he has someone. I respond by telling him. Somebody? You always have many, at the same time. And while you have many,..your always fishing for more. And I said,..you can’t possibly be all that much into the woman your with because YOU initiated contact with me.

              Haha…I called him out on his gaslighting. And to think…I use to believe the gaslighting. No one will ever be able to gaslight me again.

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  4. This was awesome. My ex is definitely a narcissist with psychopathic tendencies, but I just realized I’ve had two psychopathic bosses as well. No wonder I don’t want to go back into the “real” work world!

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    • Miss Q, I’ve always had narcissistic bosses, a narc husband and a narc mother, not to mention many other narcs in lesser relationships. Some of us do seem to attract them like flies to honey, don’t we?
      Yes I agree it was a fascinating video.

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          • Yes,…I think Farah Facett used raid in that movie called, “Extremities”. That was the movie about that serial killer Psychopath. It was originally a screenplay.

            I loved that movie. Farah had it all under control. She grabbed her intruder by the hair and sprayed him in the eyes with raid. Then she tied him up, and she dug a ditch. Her roommates talked her into calling the cops instead.

            Did anyone see that movie, Extremities?

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            • I didn’t see Farrah (RIP Farrah 😦 ) in Extremities, but I did see her in The Burning Bed. Talk about a malignant narcissist psychopathic POS! I say she was right to burn his bed. I wouldn’t say something like that normally but in his case…an exception could be made.

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            • And she also played the role of the psychopathic woman who killed her children because her boyfriend didn’t want children. I forget the name of that movie. But I use to live in a townhouse behind the women’s penitentiary…where the real killer is incarcerated. I’ll have to look up the name of that movie for you. Farrah Fawcet was a great actress.

              Back to Extremities. The writer of that screenplay went to studied at Mason Gross..at Rutgers University with my Acting Professor .who I studied from in County College. We had the best Acting class in County College. My professors name was Victoria, and we ended up becoming good friends. Theater is so much fun.

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