Interview with Eric Casaccio about his film “Narcissist”

“Narcissist,” the movie, will be featured at the Miami Short Film Festival. Here’s the NBC news story featuring an interview with the film’s director, Eric Casaccio, who drew from his own experience with people with NPD to make this film.

I could only provide the link; will not allow me to embed this video. Sorry about that.

I never was quite sure how you can see short films if you’re not attending a film festival, does anyone know?

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  1. [portion of comment deleted] I was raised by a Narcissist and was married to a Narcissist for 10 years. I’ve spent the last 9 years researching NPD. I met Eric through a dear longtime friend of mine. My friend knew I was doing work around raising awareness around Narcissistic Abuse, like Eric and he connected us. Eric is a wonderful, empathetic person who did this movie of which he makes no money and spends a tremendous amount of time and travel on, at his expense to raise awareness about Narcissistic Abuse in order to try and prevent others from going through what he went through. I have become friends with Eric through this work and have found him to be a loving, caring, empathetic man, everything that a Narcissist could never be. Being Passionate and proud of your work and trying to spread the word about it to others to reach as many people as possible to prevent the hurt he endured does not a Narcissist make. Eric you are amazing! Thank you for your work and for bringing awareness to Narcissistic Abuse through your movie.

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