I beat my Best Ever Day!


I still can’t figure out exactly what caused the spike in views today (but was due to my blog post from several days ago about malignant narcissism and the supernatural), but I beat my previous Best Ever Day of 541 views (the day Sam Vaknin had that article I wrote about him disseminated all over social media) to 546!

Yay me.

19 thoughts on “I beat my Best Ever Day!

  1. Hey just wanted to tell you ’cause you seem to be wondering.
    Sam Vaknin links to his post about Jesus on facebook which in return many of his friends and others, me surely at least followed. And there under his post in related articles pops up a link to your blog about him. It has an interesting title and was a nice read and thank you for that. I’m bookmarking your page for later. πŸ˜‰

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    • LOLOLOL! Thanks for the info. Something told me he was pimping my blog again, but I couldn’t find the proof anywhere this time. Thanks for filling me in.

      I gotta say, I like that narcissist. LOL! Can’t stand ’em in general though.


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