A beautiful dinner with friends

I haven’t been able to upload all the photos, but here are a few of the incredible dinner my daughter’s boyfriend Paul made at his home, and the first “selfie” I ever took. I ate so much I feel like I’m ready to explode!

Appetizer: salad and toasted rolls with olive oil and cilantro dressing

The dinner! Turkey, gravy, yams, stuffing, and lots of Merlot

Cool spiral staircase at Paul and Molly’s house.

selfie2 selfie3
The first selfies I ever took, and I’m ready to explode!

My roommate Stacey


5 thoughts on “A beautiful dinner with friends

  1. It’s really cool you had a place to go this year. I remember reading your post about not having such a place and felt your pain. I spent quite a few Thanksgivings alone myself. I also see your roomy changed her mind as well. Good to read and see you had a great holiday.

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