Important announcement to my readers

To my readers:

Here’s an update. I am losing my Internet access either tonight or tomorrow. If I’m lucky I *might* have access through the weekend. I’m testing WiFi at Bojangles–it seems to be working. I have to find another internet provider that costs less–but it seems there is some sort of law if you were a previous Charter customer, then other companies cannot work with you, which I find really strange.

What really sucks balls is my daughter went off last night God only knows where and took my phone–which other than this Bojangles internet access, is my only contact with the outside world, and now she cannot be reached anywhere, nor do I have any idea where she is, or where my phone is. No one has been able to track her down or contact her. It’s times like this I think she might be a Narc–she had lost her phone so she thought it perfectly fine to take mine, even though all my contacts are on it and I need the phone for work. If there’s an emergency, I don’t even have a means to dial 911. I cannot afford a new phone at the moment.

But that’s not anyone’s problem. Of course donations are accepted and will be more than appreciated if anyone can help. Until I figure out what to do about Internet access, I will be using the WiFi at Bojangles which means I will have to write from my car at the restaurant and won’t have as much time to post or read. At least there’s that and it’s better than nothing. I won’t just disappear. Hey, I NEED this!

I was going to post something tonight about how to distinguish someone with NPD from other people, but I’m just so tired, angry and upset all I want to do is go to bed.

If anyone can make a donation to help me procure a new phone and/or help me pay for Internet access so I can continue my blog from the comfort of my home, please click on the “Donate” button in the green bar above and follow the instructions. Thanks so much my fellow Bloggers! I appreciate all my readers and all the encouraging and supportive comments I have received. 🙂

I’m just pretty bummed out right now, so I’m signing off for the evening. I’ll probably just go to sleep soon.

9 thoughts on “Important announcement to my readers

    • I’d have to be dead before I’d stop blogging, even if the method available to me right now isn’t that convenient. Blogging is the only thing in this world right now that is keeping me somewhat sane.


  1. Wow. That sucks. Do the public libraries in your area have WiFi? You can take your laptop there instead of sitting in your car. I’ve been using a local library lately myself during the day.

    Sorry things are so crappy right now. I hope your daughter gets back soon along with your cell phone.


    • The libraries have internet access, but you are allotted one hour on their clunky computers and I can’t write the kind of post I want on such a timeframe. So I prefer to just take my laptop to Bojangles (or other restaurants with Wifi) and sit in my car or in the restaurant and write there. There’s no time limit–well none until my charge runs out which usually lasts 2-3 hours (I have to charge it at home before I go ). It could be worse.


      • I meant for you to take your own laptop to the library. Can’t you do that? I’ve been using my own laptop at a desk or chair in the library. They have WiFi. I use their connection for free with my library card code and my own password. Your library may do it differently but if they have WiFi you should be able to use your own computer no problem. Plus you can use your adapter if your battery dies…that is if there are outlets.

        One library I went to one morning had ONE freaking outlet. But there are tons of libraries around here so it was easy enough to find one that had lots of outlets. lol

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  2. My thoughts are with you! I spent the last two years on a laptop seeking out free public wiffi so I could blog. The coffee shop, the public library. So know that you are not alone and never stop blogging.

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    • I know a LOT of people who use WiFi at the library, restaurants, etc. Internet access has become so expensive, as well as TV. It’s almost not worth it, except there are joys in being able to blog or read stuff online just before bed


  3. Well, my daughter returned my phone and was very remorseful. I have to stop labeling her NPD every time she does something Narc-ish. In fact, I’m going to write aboutthat tonight while it’s on my mind–the hypervigilance and lack of trust a lot of people with C-PTSD have.


  4. If you park close enough outside of a Starbucks or any other WiFi place you can access the internet while sitting in your car. Even some McDonald’s have WiFi now. I spent a year and a half doing that. You are right about libraries and their lame computers and even worse WiFi. But it is ok in a pinch. After a while, a friend gave me her password and I was able to park in her driveway and use her internet access, late at night.

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