Voting early.


I didn’t realize there was early voting in my community until I drove past the library today and saw all the campaign signs and a big sign that said EARLY VOTING.

I had a few minutes to kill, so I figured why not?  Next Saturday early voting ends and there may be long lines, so why not do it now and avoid the lines and crush of people later on?  I didn’t have to wait at all.

I’ve had my sights set on Elizabeth Warren for a while now, so that’s who I voted for.  If Bernie wins the nomination though (which it appears he might), I certainly will vote for him.  I’m not crazy about Bernie and think he’s too old, but I like many of his ideas and he’s definitely better than Trump.

No matter who gets the nomination, I will vote for them in the general election. Biden, Bloomberg, Bernie, Mayor Pete, ANYONE.  I’d vote for a cat flea over Trump.

But for now, in the primaries, my choice is Warren.  I’d love to have a woman president and she conveys a level of empathy for everyday working people that I find appealing and refreshing in a political climate that has become cruel, selfish, and heartless.  I think Warren has a much warmer, more folksy manner about her than Hillary Clinton did.   she’s relatable.

Sadly, I don’t think this country is ready for a woman president yet.  Maybe it’s ready for a Democratic socialist like Bernie Sanders who will give us things other advanced democracies have like universal healthcare and free college.  His agenda sure beats a fascist dictatorship, which the Trump regime is quickly turning us into.   It’s scary and it’s stressing me out something awful.   It probably won’t matter much for me, as I probably don’t have that many years left anyway.   But I worry about future generations. There’s no future in this country for our youth should we fall further into fascism.  There’s no future for anyone if we don’t put a stop to Trump’s destructive deregulation that is threatening our access to clean air, water, food, and quality of life. I hope it’s not too late to turn things around.  This coming election may be our only chance.

In the general election, make sure you Vote Blue No Matter Who, if you want the lawless criminal Trump out.  I have never wanted anything more in my life.

We can’t forget about the Senate and House either.  We MUST flip the Senate, and keep the House, or democracy is doomed.   Even if Trump should win, we’d still be able to impeach and remove if we have both the House and Senate.  Anything less than that will not work.

After voting today, I proudly affixed my “I Voted Early” sticker to my rearview mirror, as you can see above.


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  1. Warren is my favorite – empathy and actual plans to offer instead of just rhetoric and promises. As President, I think Sanders would be very frustrated dealing with the same range of positions in the Democrats in The House and Senate as he has been running against in the Primary. But, the election of either of them would mark a real change of direction for the country. Anyway, it is straight ticket Blue for me because even a Pet Rock would be better than Trump. The race in the 11th Congressional District in NC will be interesting with Mark Meadows leaving. I’ve seen the Dem candidates and they are all OK or very good.

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    • I’m glad Meadows is leaving. I can’t stand him. He’s just a cheerleader for Trump. I don’t understand how he can reconcile that with his deep friendship with the late Elijah Cummings.

      I agree a Pet Rock would be better than Trump! A cat flea would be better than Trump! I will vote for any of the candidates, no matter who gets the nomination, even if I have to hold my nose. Looks like it’s now a tossup between Bernie and Biden. I don’t see Bloomberg winning the nomination at this point, do you?

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      • Bloomberg might have a chance if Biden implodes (i.e., fails to do well in South Carolina). Bloomberg had better keep his promise to bring his resources to support whoever does get the nomination if not him. I hope he is not pinning his hopes on a brokered convention. That would just prove to far to many that he was just buying the nomination, which many already suspect.

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        • I don’t think Bloomberg, for all his money, has a chance against trump. I would love Warren to be the nominee, but since that probably won’t happen, I think Biden would be the best choice. He’s damaged, but still electable, and if he chooses a running mate like Kamala Harris (and not another old white guy), I think he’d have a good chance of beating trump.

          I like some of Bernie’s ideas (well, hell, I actually like all of them), but I don’t see him having a chance to win. OTOH, we thought trump didn’t have a chance to win either.
          I’d sure rather have a democratic socialist than a fascist dictator wannabe in office. Denmark, Canada, and Sweden are good places to live and they are social democracies. People in those countries live longer and are happier.

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          • Warren has been my first choice – would have been in 2016 if she had run. I keep trying to picture the folks in a debate with Trump. I think she could go full take-no-BS-or-backtalk-schoolmarm on him and drive him bonkers in a debate. Bloomberg has know Trump and loathed him for a long time, and represents to Trump that part of Manhattan business and society whose respect he has wanted and never qualified for his whole adult life. Bloomberg would know exactly where to stick the verbal knife that hurts most. I’m afraid Biden is no match for Trump in a debate any more than were all the Republicans he ran against and debated in 2016, unless he studies those with a very good coach and can avoid the traps. As for Bernie, I picture a shouting match between two guys speaking different languages. Tom and Pete would both try to make sense and Trump would come back with chaos and irrelevant side tracks.

            Also, regarding Bernie or Warren, it is true that nobody, including Trump himself, thought Trump could win either the nomination or the election until it happened.

            Whoever the Democrats nominate, if everybody who wants Trump gone goes out and votes for that person, then that one is electable. No other theory of electability really means much.

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