Can this man save American democracy?

Here, right matters. The truth matters. Otherwise, we are lost.
–Adam Schiff

America is anything but great again. It was great before. Not perfect by any means, but still a country other countries admired and tried to emulate. A country of unlimited opportunity others dreamed of making a new life in.

It no longer is a place the world looks up to, and in fact, leaders of advanced democracies think we’ve gone nuts. And they are right.

In three years, America has transformed into a nation riddled with hatred, racism, corrupt politicians (almost all Republicans), violence, intolerance for diversity, and worst of all, a nation standing on the precipice of fascism. If Republican senators vote to acquit Trump (even though they must know he’s guilty), democracy here is dead.  Say hello to a Russian-style, one party oligarchy where the president and his associates are above the law and cannot be held accountable, no matter what they do.   A nation with a King instead of a president, and totally at odds with what the Founding Fathers envisioned when they drew up the Constitution.

One man gives me hope. While he’s (of course) vilified by Trump and his conscienceless, corrupt cronies, Adam Schiff understands the meaning of democracy and the values that made America truly great. This may be the best speech I’ve ever seen in my life. If we survive this dark time in our history (and even if we don’t), this speech will be remembered the same way we remember the great speeches of Martin Luther King or John F. Kennedy today. It will be discussed in classrooms and quoted in books far into the future.

I hope and pray this great stateman’s passionate words caused some of the Republican senators to reconsider their resolve to vote NO to Trump’s removal.

Adam Schiff is showing us what patriotism truly is. It’s not the jingoism, canned slogans, and flag worship of Trump and his supporters, but an attitude that those things are supposed to symbolize: devotion to the TRUTH. Only with the truth can there be liberty and justice for ALL.

Every American needs to watch historic moment in our history.


8 thoughts on “Can this man save American democracy?

  1. A couple of thoughts here. “America transformed into a country riddled with hatred, racism…?” Remember Andrew Jackson? He was lionized as a great hero and our history books pretty much describe him as such. He hated the indigenous population of America whom he slaughtered with sadistic abandon. I don’t think hatred and racism are anything recent here. The other thing is let’s hear it for Adam Schiff. But what about Bernie Sanders, a man who is tirelessly working to transform our country into a land where things are democratic, fair and ecologically sustainable? Don’t you see some potential for a great future here, along with AOC and some other awesome folk?

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    • I like Bernie and most of his policies, but he’s also divisive. He doesn’t bring people together, but tends to divide Democrats, who either love him or hate him. I do think he’s a love him/hate him sort of deal thoughl. Me, I’m lukewarm but I’ll definitely vote for him if he’s the nominee. I doubt he will be though. Adam Schiff seems to be a unifier, and I could even see some of the Republicans’ ears pricked up and complimented him on his oratory skills and passion, even if they didn’t agree with his message. I think he’d be bipartisan too, if the GOP were still a party of integrity. Sanders is not bipartisan.

      AOC? I like her. She’s got some good ideas. I think she needs the seasoning of age though. Give her a few more years.


  2. I am proud of my fellow Californian, but he can’t beat the odds that are against him. The fix is in this time around but the forces working against Americans cannot defeat the masses. We need to root out corruption on all levels of government in the next election. The Democratic Party (I am an Independent) is far from perfect but so far they are the people fighting for democracy so for now, I will #votebluenomatterwho2020 at ALL levels of government because weeds grow from seeds.

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    • We can’t just vote out Trump. We also need to keep the House and flip the Senate. Even if trump should win (god forbid!), he can’t do too much damage if both the House and Senate are Dem majority. He would be able to be impeached again and removed.

      Trumpism is a cancer, and all the metastases need to be removed before we can start to heal. It’s going to take a whole generation to undo the damage he did in just three years. Of course, the sickness existed long before he was president. If we were healthy, Trump never would have been elected. He’s just a symptom though, but a pretty bad one!

      Thank you for your input!


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