Climate change and religious objection to climate activism.


…And a little child shall lead them.  (Isaiah 11:6)

Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg is a hero and an inspiration for the whole world.  That became obvious yesterday as hundreds of cities all over the world gathered in huge numbers for the worldwide Climate Strike that Thunberg started a couple of years ago, when she decided to skip classes to stand by herself on a street corner with a homemade protest sign.

The sign did not go unnoticed.  Who would have thought that a painfully shy, introverted, autistic sixteen year old with few friends could be the catalyst for a worldwide movement to fight the Climate Crisis caused by our continued use of fossil fuels and unsustainable, wasteful, earth destroying practices that the likes of Trump and Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro have further encouraged, almost as if to mock the scientific data that shows we are in grave peril unless we reverse these practices.

Greta Thunberg now travels all over the world (she chooses ships when crossing the ocean, so she leaves less of a carbon “footprint”) to give speeches to leaders of countries and the heads of ethical corporations who believe in sustainable technology and know it’s the wave of the future.   Powerful but ethical adults are listening, and she has even been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Thunberg also has many critics, who smear her by saying she is a mentally ill (because of her autism), spoiled, Godless, fame hungry child who knows nothing about the planet and uses fearmongering to get famous.   Blaming a vulnerable child who has the courage to speak the truth is one thing you can always count on the regressive fascists of the world to do.


Thousands of Dutch students skipped classes to march for action on climate change.  Photo credit: Remko de Waal, AFP

The pigtailed Swedish teen’s peers are our planet’s future.  It has been said by some that her generation (Generation Z) will be the last one on earth (that may be a bit dramatic, unless Trump starts World War III, which is certainly possible).

More realistically, any offspring Thunberg’s generation has will likely have the misfortune of living in a dystopian world without breathable free air and drinkable free water, massive flooding changing the contours of the continents themselves, devastating droughts, terrible storms, and food shortages everywhere, even in places that never experienced food shortages before.   These children will grow up on a blighted planet choked with pollution, eye burning and organ destroying soot and toxic fumes, trying to farm infertile, blackened soil that yields few or no crops, a planet with its natural beauty destroyed by powerful men consumed with never having enough and always wanting more, even when that means stealing from the rest of us and taking away our national parks and public lands so they can drill for more oil and garner more riches for themselves and their cronies.   Greed does kill.

And their terrible sociopathic God tells them this is all okay.   That these conscienceless individuals who have twisted God into a being so much like themselves, after all, have dominion over the rest of us, and we, as their hapless subjects who are not “chosen” by God or “anointed,” have no rights at all and will burn in hell for even objecting to our rights being taken away.   Their terrible fake God feeds their narcissism by giving them permission to do whatever they want, rewarding them with ever more power and riches, no matter how wrong or immoral the things they do, or how much it hurts life on this planet.


Greta Thunberg leads climate change march in New York City yesterday. Photo credit: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez, AP

They excuse their destructiveness by insisting they are the “chosen ones,” and patting themselves on the back for pretending to be “pro-life.”  But these are people without a conscience or empathy, so it makes no sense that they would have selective empathy for a tiny embryo who isn’t a sentient being yet, but never for the woman who carries it, for her other children who may be orphaned if the pregnancy will kill her, and never for children once they are born (especially if they are not white).   The explanation for their hypocrisy is simple.  Their real motive isn’t about saving unborn babies; it’s about having complete control over women.  That’s why they are fine with rape culture and are passing legislation that removes or diminishes laws that protect women from violence.  All fascist governments attempt to control and demean women in the same manner.   They do the same thing in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia under the Taliban and ISIS.  But I digress.  This is a post about climate change and environmental activism.

I had a few random thoughts about the hypocrisy of right wing fundamentalists and evangelicals’ objections to climate change activism, and I’d like to share them with you.

Right wing Trump supporting evangelicals think it’s okay for big oil companies and other powerful corporations to exploit and pollute the earth, and they also think it’s wrong for the people affected by these destructive practices to demand accountability and laws that regulate what these companies can do to the environment, because they believe it shows a lack of faith that God can replenish the earth.   How is that view any different from kids trashing the house and then saying they don’t have to clean their mess because it shows a lack of faith that their parents can do it?

Even if God is perfectly capable of restoring the earth to its pristine natural state without our help, isn’t the way we’re treating it pretty disrespectful of his property?   Frankly, we don’t even deserve to have a liveable earth should we destroy this one.    We seem so unappreciative of the one we already have.

As for the ridiculous claim by some evangelicals that environmental activism is “earth worship”:  Here’s a news flash.  Maintaining your house isn’t “worshipping” it. Expecting others not to trash your brick and mortar house and punch holes in its walls isn’t ungodly. Making necessary repairs to your house doesn’t offend God. So why do evangelicals think caring for our earthly home is offensive to God?

God never said it’s okay to exploit the planet for personal gain and riches.  That’s part of dominion theology, which is heresy.   The Bible is clear about how God feels about humanity trashing the Earth.    You don’t have to be religious to appreciate that true morality means caring for our earthly home and not exploiting it for wealth and power.  Greta Thunberg knows this.    I hope God blesses her richly.

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12 thoughts on “Climate change and religious objection to climate activism.

  1. For those who believe we are in the “End Times” (as some in each generation of Christians have believed since the original Apostles spoke of the immanent Second Coming), it is not that God will replenish this Earth, but that it will be destroyed and the “Faithful” will live on (immortally) in a new and perfect world created just for them. They do not see a future for this world, and all the troubles that may come will only be the just fate of unbelievers. For them, there is no point in trying to do anything to stop or mitigate climate change. And, those babies they want to save from abortion only matter as souls to be saved, not people with lives to live. That those beliefs are being used cynically and callously by those who seek power and profit at the expanse of future generations is deceitful of the believers and simply criminal.

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    • I hate to say this, because it sounds like a generalization of an entire generation. But everything you just described is partly the end result of the baby boomer generation, which has, on the whole, always been a destructive generation that tries to force its will. It is also a hyperreligious generation and in one way or another, it always has been.

      Most baby boomers are of course not like this, but as a generation, I think they have done more harm than good. They have done good things too, but history will mostly remember the bad and will not be kind.

      Entitlement, judgment, and destructive tendencies have always been part and parcel of this generation, and they know they won’t be here that much longer and that scares the crap out of them. So they are trying to force things to go their way, even eternal life when they want it and how they want it. And if that means your death, well, you must have deserved it.

      Please don’t take offense if you are a boomer. There are many wonderful people in this generation, and of course, they made great music! I’m a tail end boomer myself, but I can’t stand my own generation sometimes. I sympathize with the millennials who have been screwed so badly by their elders and in some ways I identify more with generation X. I prefer to call myself a member of Generation Jones (a subgeneration between boomers and generation X that has qualities of both and whose birthyears span from the late fifties to the mid sixties.

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      • Actually, I missed being a Boomer by about a year (born March, 1945). I think, in part, the Boomers are also a disillusioned generation, at least the hippies and others who thought they wee going to change the world. Tuning in and Dropping out didn’t do it. The war in Vietnam got ended in a defeat that left both the pro- and anti- war factions frustrated. So, come the financial crisis of the 70s and the Reagan years, many gave up on changing things and did what one port described in a song, The Sell-out Agitation Waltz

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  2. I see the “faithful” as wanting to rush the end times for themselves. Anything they think may be prophesised? Let’s push that forward.

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    • I have heard that is what they are trying to do as well. I doubt God would approve of them being so impatient and trying to hurry things up. They’re basically saying, “Come on God, you’re taking too long, I want my rapture NOW, so let me help you bring about end times.” They are beyond entitled and will bring about the deaths of us all in order to get what they believe they’ve been promised by their preachers.

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  3. I have an order of “Millennials Rising” by Howe and Neil coming. Have you read it? And speaking of books, I’m reading “My Mother, the Psychopath,” by Olivia Rayne, right now. Although I think she seems more of a narc than a psychopath. She used to make Olivia keep agreeing with her that she was “just the best mother in the world” ad nauseum for years before Olivia went no contact. I wish you would read this book yourself and let me know what you think, speaking as someone who had a narc for a mother, yourself. I’m planning to write a post once I’ve finished reading the book.

    I didn’t know Greta started that strike herself. She looks very clear. There’s something about the Swedish people. Pippi Longstocking and Lizbeth. A nation of heroic girls!

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    • Greta is wonderful.
      Yes, I did read Millennials Rising! Not as good as their other books, but easy to read and informative. It’s almost 20 years old now!


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