Don’t Be a Sucker (full film)

This was an educational film released in 1945, at the end of World War II, after Hitler and the Nazi Party had been defeated.

Watch and listen carefully, and notice the similarities in the rhetoric to Trump’s rallies and speeches.

We fought against fascism back then, and we won.   There is no place for fascism and neo-Naziism (white supremacy) in America today, and none of us should tolerate it.


15 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Sucker (full film)

  1. Good film. However, I don’t think they persecuted Catholics. Germany is half Catholic
    Hitler, himself, was Catholic. Southern Germany, Bavaria is predominately Catholic. The pope, himself, has been criticized for collaborating with the Nazis. Sure, if a Catholic criticized the government, he would be “disappeared.” I get your point about Trump. He’s our own Hitler.

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  2. They were hoping to get a theocracy. And that is exactly what they got. But it turns out it was Pagan instead of Christian. Still, even to the end, there were plenty of Nazis who were Christians, though they weren’t the top leadership.

    The Pagan ideology probably would’ve become more overt after the war, if the Nazis had won. It would’ve been a slow change, as that is how it tends to happen. Gradual and then quickly. It began with the wrong kinds of Christians: Catholics, etc. Eventually, all Christians would’ve become targets.

    With this history in mind, fundy Christians in the US should be careful when they take A Handmaid’s Tale as an aspiration, rather than as a warning. Instead of Gilead, they might get a new version of Nazi Paganism and find themselves on the wrong end of persecution.

    Then again, maybe the average fundy Christian would be just as happy to convert to a fundy Pagan. Most of them simply want authoritarianism in some form. Religion is just an excuse. A wide variety of doctrines, religious or otherwise, can be bowed down to for this same basic purpose.

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