The two wolves.


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    • Yes.
      I like that one of the wolves is good, because I like wolves, and the “wolves in sheeps’ clothing” saying has given them an undeserved bad reputation. Wolves are loyal and stay with their mates for life. The fathers involve themselves with raising the cubs and they look out for each other. That’s more than I can say for most humans.
      Plus they are beautiful.

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      • I saw a photo on Face Book a while back of three wolves. Two of them were the Alpha male and females of a pack. The third was an outsider challenging the Alpha male. The female appeared to be cowering with her head below her mate’s chin. Actually, she was protecting his throat and in position to attack the intruder’s throat, telling him, “Mess with my guy, you mess with me too.” Then, there is the response of an Alpha male who finds a younger male mating with one of the pack females (his exclusive right). Mayhem did not ensue. Instead, the Alpha put his mouth on the neck of the younger male and pressed him to the ground, then let him up. It is the same gesture mother wolves use to discipline pups. The message was, “You are out of line, you puppy.” And, yes, they re beautiful.

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