Why aren’t we flooding the streets to protest this presidency?


Thousands of protesters flood the streets of Seoul, South Korea in a candlelight march to demand the removal of their despotic president on November 19, 2016.   They succeeded.

In America in 2019, no one is doing much of anything to protest or resist a despotic, sociopathic president who is a clear and present danger to democracy and the rule of law as we have always known it.   We are in grave danger of becoming a totalitarian, fascist regime with the loss of all our rights and protections, and yet are content to sit on our couches and tweet our discontent or just blithely go about our business as if everything is normal.

Why is that so?

There are many, many more of us than them.  The power is in our hands.  It always has been.  All we have to do is use it, as South Korea did in 2016 to remove their despotic president, and many other countries have done (even countries where speaking against the government is a crime), and yet we don’t.   Why not?

Sometimes I’m most clearheaded very early in the morning, before my head gets filled with the garbage of daily life.   I answered my own question upon waking up this morning.   I decided to post my thoughts on Twitter in a series of threaded tweets.  To my surprise, my thread went viral, with many retweets and hundreds of comments I am still trying to reply to.    It seems that my early morning musings hit a nerve, so I decided to post it here too.

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13 thoughts on “Why aren’t we flooding the streets to protest this presidency?

  1. I will add to this an answer to the question, “Why aren’t the college students out protesting, even shutting down schools the way another generation of them did in the 60s?” Back then, college, especially the state schools, was affordable and even getting kicked out, one could go to some other school fairly easily. Now, higher education has been so de-funded that tuition is astronomical and many students are dependent on loans that will come due when they graduate, or if they get kicked out. So, its nose to the grindstone and hope to get a job that will let them pay the loans and still eat and pay rent. They can’t afford to protest any more than the typical wage earner can.

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    • Very good point. College has become all but unaffordable, and then you spend the rest of your life as basically an indentured servant trying to pay back astronomical student loans. It didn’t used to be that way.

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      • It seems that the “conservatives” were sick and tired of paying taxes so those trouble-making college kids of the 60s could go to school almost for free. At the same time, they decided to have an all-volunteer military so some millions of young men and their families wouldn’t “have skin in the game” when they wanted to have a war.

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  2. Why aren’t Americans lining the streets like people do in other countries? Because they ARE Americans, dead from the neck up. They are too busy watching TV. The “news” shows they watch are lulling them to sleep. The “pundits” are either ignoring real news or telling us things are hopeless so we can’t do anything to change things. And, remember that a sizeable portion of voters still like Trump.

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    • I do agree the internet, social media, and phone apps are keeping people lazy. These things can be used for great good, of course, but they can also be a hindrance. That’s one reason why back in the 1960s, people organized huge protests and actually turned out in huge numbers for them. There wasn’t much in the way of technology, and everyone read the same papers and watched the same news channels.


  3. But while most Americans are brain dead, there are still some live wires protesting beautifully. Code Pink is occupying the Venezuelan embassy in Washington. Trump and his little gremlins are trying mightily to overthrow the elected leader of Venezuala and fill the embassy with henchmen for the coup but these brave Code Pink members are preventing that from happening. Here is a tweet from them now:


    Verified account

    Following @codepink

    Protest outside embassy still going strong. Both sides dancing. Venezuela Embassy Protection Collective standing strong. 30th St. NW in #DC

    5:44 PM – 4 May 2019

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  4. In my case, I don’t drive, while my husband seems to be getting sucked into the GOP brainwashing. And this town seems to be mostly full of GOP/Trumpers. Public transportation around here is limited. So I don’t have protests to go to (except the tiny ones I hear about after they already happened). But I do vote every election and write my elected officials often.

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    • You are doing what you can, and of course getting the word out on social media or your blog, as you already do, is something too.
      I’m sorry to hear your hubby may be being sucked into the dark side. 😦 How will you handle that if he becomes fully brainwashed? Was he always a conservative or was he a liberal or moderate before?

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      • He’s always been a conservative, but more of a moderate one; his immediate family was more to the right. His brother (a proud Dittohead) used to fight with him all the time because he sounded too “liberal.” We used to watch Daily Show/Colbert together, but now I can’t even have them on in the same room or he’ll make snide comments. How would I handle it–I don’t know. 😛 Right now I just try to avoid politics as much as possible, but sometimes he comes up to me and makes some remark and I cringe.

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        • I can’t help thinking of George Conway (who despises Trump and loves criticizing him, especially about his personality disorders, lol) and Kellyanne Conway, who works for him and lies for him. I can’t figure out if Kellyanne is a mole or if those two are the next James Carville and Mary Matalin. I think George is hilarious.
          I’d love to be a fly on the wall in their home.

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