Happy First Day of Spring!

Yay!  Winter’s over.  I hope everyone’s enjoying the day!


4 thoughts on “Happy First Day of Spring!

  1. Yaaaaaaaaay for Spring! Autumn used to be my favorite season because of the colors. But as I’m getting older, I like Spring the best.

    I posted a Happy Spring Equinox on my blog yesterday with a picture that I took last Sunday of a rare wild animal that has been wandering around our town since November. I was driving home from church when I saw him eating grass just down the street, so I drove down to get a picture. While I was talking to him through my open window, he stopped grazing and posed for my picture. He’s big, probably about 200 pounds. According to Wikipedia, this animal can get over 300 pounds. And yet, they can jump seven feet high! Wow!

    Here’s the link to my post with the picture:

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