Why do people read (and comment on) blogs they don’t like?

Originally posted on November 19, 2017


This is going to be a pretty short post.   Someone who I won’t name had been commenting frequently on my political posts, and their views are almost the polar opposite of mine.   I can’t say this person is exactly a troll, because their comments weren’t offensive or abusive enough to qualify as troll comments, but their views were certainly at odds with mine and he/she wasn’t always very nice about it either.

I asked this person why they were reading my blog since what I have to say seemed to anger them so much, but got no reply.    He/she would be silent for a few days, and then make another negative comment.

Now I get that not everyone is going to agree with me, and I don’t expect them to.   I wouldn’t even want everyone to agree with me 100% of the time, because that’s boring.   Healthy debate is good.   Different points of view can make you think in different ways and consider other points of view.  But this person wasn’t open to civilized debate and seemed to disagree with me about just about everything I said.

Today this individual said they were unsubscribing.  It didn’t hurt my feelings; my only reaction was, what made you wait so long?  It wasn’t as if there was any doubt about where I stand on certain issues.

I really wonder why some people waste their time reading blogs they disagree with or don’t like.  If they just HAVE to read blogs that make them angry (like the pleasure you get picking at a scab), why do they bother commenting?    I really don’t get that.   If I don’t like a blog, I don’t bother reading it.  There are so many other things I can do with my time that are more productive and give me more pleasure than making myself angry or upset reading a blog I hate.    There are so many good blogs out there that give me great pleasure to read, so why would I read one I dislike?

13 thoughts on “Why do people read (and comment on) blogs they don’t like?

  1. Perhaps thy are using you to do a little Gestalt therapy with themselves–one side of themselves arguing with the other? If they’ve unsubscribed they may be chicken.

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  2. There do seem to some people all across the political spectrum who have to maintain a certain level of continuous outrage (which is probably not good for either their mental or physical health) by reading blogs, Tweets, etc, and can’t help commenting. Many, apparently mostly on the Right, do become trolls, and relish a response that allows them to escalate. Your willingness to engage seems to have driven that follower away.

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  3. Some people have nothing better to do with themselves. It is stupid to read a blog you really hate though. Surely there is something else they can do.

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  4. I dunno …

    Why do YOU post things in a public place when you know perfectly well that 50% of people will disagree with you?

    It’s a free country, people like expressing their opinions and reactions to things, and not everybody thinks like you.


    • You again.

      Of course I know people will disagree, but I’m not going to stop posting my opinions. You shouldn’t have to either, and no one is telling you to.

      My point is it’s stupid to go on blogs you hate and make incendiary and unhelpful comments when you could be doing something more positive and reading blogs you do like. Makes sense to me!


      • Yup me again. Thanks for letting me know I’m persona non grata in such a cutting fashion.

        So much for dialogue.


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