Help! Can you see ads on this blog?

I don’t get anywhere near the number of hits I used to get, but I don’t believe they’ve dropped so low that I no longer qualify for the Wordads program (the advertising program). Besides, I checked my settings and it says Wordads is still active.  I also checked my ad blocker and I don’t have ads blocked on this site.

I emailed WordPress support (I don’t seem to have the Live Chat option anymore but I’m not sure why) and am waiting for an answer from them.

In the meantime, will you please let me know if you can see any ads on this site?  Maybe it’s just a glitch on my end.

10 thoughts on “Help! Can you see ads on this blog?

  1. I see ads on ALL the WordPress blogs I subscribe to. Some of them … like the poetry blogs … the ads are so intrusive that it negates the power of the poetry. I am really sick of seeing all these ads. If I was paying for a site, I would be wicked pissed off.

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  2. No, sorry, I don’t see any ads anywhere on this page. Until recently, I was seeing ads every time I went to your blog. I would often click on one, too. But there aren’t any ads here today.

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