Don’t call yourself pro-life (updated)

I originally wrote this post on October 2, 2017, more than a year ago. It was the day after the tragic Las Vegas shootings.   I really can’t believe that happened over a year ago.  It seems like it was yesterday, but now that we’re living in Trump time, time itself has a way of seeming frighteningly slowed down or speeded up.   In fact, everything seems pretty strange and definitely not normal.   In the two years since Trump was elected, I feel like I’ve aged about ten.

So, here is that post again, with some additions, since so much has happened in a year (way too much to keep up with!).


Don’t even think about calling yourself pro-life if…

  • You support taking health insurance away from low income, sick, and disabled people.
  • You support abolishing or cutting Medicaid (which covers HALF of all pregnant women and 45 million children).
  • You  support privatizing or cutting Medicare and Social Security.
  • You want to abolish Planned Parenthood, which is NOT an abortion clinic (only 2% of their services are abortion-related) but provides healthcare (including pregnancy care) and birth control information to low income women.
  • You’re OK with a president who allowed CHIP (a health insurance program for low income children who do not qualify for Medicaid) to expire, leaving millions of children uninsured.
  • You support dismantling public schools.
  • You support removing laws that protect college women from on-campus rapists and give more rights to the rapists.
  • You think programs like Meals on Wheels and school lunches are a waste of taxpayer money.
  • You think climate change is a hoax.
  • You support fracking, drilling, and mining on our public lands.
  • You believe in removing laws that protect our air and water against pollution.
  • You think laws that protect consumers from dangerous products and predatory  practices is interfering with free enterprise.
  • You support the death penalty.
  • You support the idea of using torture on suspected terrorists.
  • You believe in detaining documented immigrants, even when it means separating parents from their children.
  • You support deporting refugee mothers and their children, even when it means they could die horribly in their countries of origin.
  • You support deporting productive young people who came here as children with their parents, even when it means sending them back to countries they can’t remember and know nothing about.
  • You think Puerto Ricans who have been devastated by a Category 5 hurricane and have no food, electricity, or drinking water “aren’t doing enough for themselves.”
  • You demand “respect for the flag and the Anthem” but don’t respect people’s right to exercise their First Amendment rights.
  • You’re okay with a president who plays nuclear chicken on Twitter with an unstable rogue nation dictator because his ego is hurt.
  • You think we should “completely destroy” North Korea, even its innocent civilians, women, and children.
  • You’re okay with a president who in all likelihood sold our democracy out to a hostile foreign power.
  • You’re okay with police brutality, especially against people of color.
  • You admire dictators and bullies.
  • You think white supremacy, Naziism, and racism are okay.
  • You’re okay with a president who treats women with disrespect and brags about grabbing their private parts.
  • You don’t see anything wrong with a president who plays golf and complains about NFL players exercising their First Amendment rights when people are dying of thirst and starvation in Puerto Rico.
  • You agree with Trump lifting gun checks on people with mental illness (Las Vegas shooting is a tragic consequence of that).
  • If, even after the Parkland school shooting (and many other school shootings this year), you still don’t believe there should be any age restrictions or background checks for buying guns, and/or you don’t think assault weapons (AR-15s) and bump stocks should be banned.
  • You approve of the Trump policy of separating toddlers and babies from their mothers, and breaking up families as a “deterrent” to other migrants thinking of coming here.
  • You think it’s okay to lock migrants in cages or rip them from their parents or children, even the ones who have come here legally and are only seeking asylum from a much worse situation in their home countries, where their own or their childrens’ lives are in danger.
  • You support the Trump policy of putting migrant children in cages.
  • You believe (as one very sick Republican politician said the other day) a woman who has an abortion should receive the death penalty.
  • You think confirming an alleged sexual predator and rapist who also has an obvious anger management and drinking issues to a SCOTUS seat is acceptable.
  • You always believe a male abuser over a female victim, and think what happened to her is somehow her own fault — or that she is lying.
  • You support a president who looks up to, admires, has secret meetings with, or “falls in love with” brutal dictators of oppressive, authoritarian regimes.
  • You support a president who refuses to put sanctions on or criticize brutal regimes that murder and dismember American residents because he makes a profit from that regime.

I could go on for pages, but I think I made my point.   If you oppose abortion but support any of the things above, you aren’t pro-life.  All you are is a  hypocrite.  Outside of the abortion issue, the Trump regime is the most anti-life group of miscreants, sociopaths, abusers, serial liars, malignant narcissists, traitors, grifters, and criminals I’ve ever seen.

No one has selective empathy only for the unborn.   That makes no sense.  No, the people running this country right now have no empathy.  They are a sociopathic regime headed by a malignant narcissist who uses the abortion issue to pander to his largely right wing evangelical base and keep the support of his dominionist donors.   The only reason this regime wants to overturn Roe v. Wade is to control women (Kavanaugh thinks even birth control should be illegal), NOT to protect the unborn.  They don’t care about the unborn, or anyone else.  All they care about is wealth and power.


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