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  1. Sidebar: I just wanted to say thank you. I had to dissect a blog this week for one of my master’s classes and I obviously wanted someone I knew would work brilliantly-and you didn’t let me down:) I appreciate it!

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      • It was for a discussion post-so it’s not a paper or anything, but of course! It’s for a social work research methodology class-and I had a set batch of questions to answer (which I will include) so a lot of it will sound technical (I hope). I was supposed to analyze 2 separate pieces, and I picked the ghost ship and the pen blogs from your best collection. I picked yours because you always have the best stories, so it was easy for me to pull stuff out. If you have any questions about it, I would be more than happy to answer:)

        1) Please provide a web-link to the blog you selected. Explain, overall, what you believe the blogger’s interest and intentions are in writing the blog.
        The blog I chose for this week is: https://luckyottershaven.com/ (owned and operated by lovely Lauren Bennett). She uses this blog as a way to process her experiences in life-namely in relation to one of a couple things: 1. A narcissistic ex-relationship, 2. A host of mental health diagnoses (PTSD, BPD, AvPD, and SAD) and 3. The current political situation.
        2) After analyzing at least 2 blog entries, please create a detailed list of themes/nodes you see present within the blogger’s writings.
        Memory: Youth, Pre-Pubescent, flashback, gaps, pen collection, hoarding,
        Emotion: Nostalgic, fear, elation, satisfaction, “crazy”, fear of abandonment, fear of being without
        Thick description: sea, tidal flats, horizon, crabs, ship, used pens, worn out nubs, multiplying collections
        3) Based on what you have read, develop and describe a theory or research question you would have that could potentially be answered through future/further qualitative research.
        What is the connection between your collection of memories/objects and the way your define yourself?
        Based on the “obsessive” nature of collecting pens/pencils/markers that don’t work and the recurring intrusive thoughts that don’t leave until dealt with, this question could be both a lead-in for symptomology or an evaluative technique for environment processing. What I mean here, is that a researcher could either ask this in as a way to describe symptoms for a diagnosis or as a way to describe personality and coping mechanisms.
        4) Using Chpt. 4 as a guide, create a set of interview questions you would love to be able to ask this blogger regarding the content/ideas/themes they present in their blog. Please list those questions here and explain why you want to know answers to them.
        1. What encouraged you to blog as a way of self-expression?
        2. Do you feel that the way you perceive life is because of a diagnosis or part of who you are?
        3. What do you see being the ultimate goal for your blog?
        4. How do you feel blogging has increased your quality of life?
        5. Do you feel that your spiritual or religious beliefs impact your perception of life?
        6. You mention noticing other people’s perceptions of your behavior-do you feel that impacts your blogging abilities?
        7. Have other people’s perceptions caused you to change the way you behave or the way you choose to perceive things like your pen collection?

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        • Wow! I am so flattered! Thank you so much. Yes, I do enjoy writing those little stories and anecdotes. I don’t write enough of them but they are more fun for me to write than anything else.

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          • I think that’s the thing about blogging-you start out with ideas and intentions and then suddenly you’re in a million other directions, writing about everything but what you started as. Thanks for letting me pick your brain:)


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